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13 Pictures About Kids and Their Parents Who Don’t Worry About the Chaos Around Them

Marina Bystrova and her husband, Philip, are the parents of 2 naughty boys that inspire their mother to draw funny pictures. They talk all about parenthood, and you will definitely recognize the jokes and situations in these illustrations.

We at Bright Side love everything that has humor in it, which is why we are sure that these pictures will make you feel so much better.

“Remember: everything you say to your kids may and will be used against you.”

“I’m supposed to be a planner in my fifth year of parenthood, but most times, I make rookie mistakes.”

“If you don’t understand this one, your child is probably too small. Wait for a little bit.”

“I use everything I have for my kid to walk the way I need. I succeed in 7% of cases.”

“I still draw the jokes made by my husband. Thanks to his sense of humor, we’re still alive with all the stress and problems.”

“I’m embarrassed every time I can’t remember the name of someone I’ve met before.”

“When you want someone to carry you but something goes wrong”

“I think I’ve spend half my life looking for pacifiers.”

“If your relatives want you to love being on maternity leave, they should help you with it regularly for at least several hours.”

“I’m okay with my neighbors not being able to recognize me sometimes.”

“My husband, Philip, has lost his second phone because of our kids. I’m sorry, but I keep telling him not to leave it everywhere.”

“I love eavesdropping on my husband and my older son talking.”

“It’s charming how kids can unite.”

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