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19 Popular Interior Details That Can Easily Ruin the Coziness in Your Home

We feel as good as our homes look. But oftentimes, when trying to make our apartment look cozy we make some pretty big mistakes. Sometimes this happens due to our love for old things that we feel bad saying goodbye to, other times it happens due to the fact that we picked the wrong colors. But everything is fixable.

We at Bright Side like to make our homes look cozy. Our compilation will show you the interior details that prevent it from looking nice and up to date.

The “7 elephants” statuettes

This type of figurine was at the peak of its popularity in the ’90s. They could be seen on the bookcase shelves of almost every home. But today they look gaudy and small minimalistic statuettes made of resin are gradually replacing them.

Neon bubble nightlights

Acid-colored LED elements are good for creating a bright accent. But unlike bars and night clubs, they look inappropriate in apartments. If you want to liven up your interior with unique lighting, it is better to opt for modestly-designed alabaster lamps.

Decorative fans on the walls

A huge fan placed on the wall is another sign of the past. These decorative elements greatly narrow the space, so it is better to just not use them. Instead, you can opt for a triptych — a set of 3 posters or paintings, in order to decorate your wall.

“Cascade” chandelier

Many of us are familiar with this huge type of chandelier that is decorated with elongated “drops.” But today, these huge constructions are being replaced by small and simple-looking lighting fixtures.

Artificial sunflowers

These massive artificial flowers might look great in a rustic café. If you have a strong desire to create a mini-garden at home, it’s better to opt for live plants, like succulents, for example, placed in a stylish terrarium.

Photo wallpaper

Wallpaper that is decorated with photographs of forests or the ocean was a wide-spread designer solution that was there in both apartments and even schools around 30 years ago. But today, people tend to decorate the walls of their home a bit differently. In order to make your home shine with new colors, you can opt for wallpaper that looks like metal or stone surfaces.

Outdated radiators or heaters

The desire for minimalism was reflected in the utilitarian appliances of yesteryear. Radiators and convector heaters were no exception. The smaller and more simple their design is, the better.

Stickers on mirrors

In the 2000s, those who wanted to add a touch of creativity to their interiors used stickers on their mirrors. But this trend became outdated a long time ago.

Gold tone fixtures

Gold tone fixtures can instantly make any interior item look cheap. If you want to bring shininess and gloss to your home, pay attention to items that are made in a rose gold tone. They will look quite elegant and chic.

Bright towels in the bathroom

The abundance of bright and motley items in the bathroom can overload the interior. White, dark blue, and gray towels are timeless classics that will always look great.

Dish drainer located right above the sink

A dish drainer hanging right above the sink doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, this location is not that convenient or practical. It’s better to place the drain on bottom shelf inside your kitchen cabinet, if possible.

Low hanging chandelier

This is another widespread designer trick that fails in the sense of aesthetics and convenience. Today you can easily find lamps without any hanging elements that are fixed right onto the ceiling.

Tiles in different shades

Multi-colored ceramic tiles in the same color scheme, but in different shades can confuse you when you look at them. The following rule works here: the simpler, the better. That’s why one-color designs or black and white designs will look much better.

Pillows covered with lace

Openwork lace napkins and tablecloths, which were used to cover literally everything in the house, from TV sets to pillows, are still around in some houses. But today single-color cases, functional boxes upholstered with fabric, and baskets for clothes look more settled than having everything covered with lace.

Translucent curtains

Apart from letting extra light into the house, these curtains look really outdated. Nowadays it’s better to opt for items made of more densely knit fabric.

TV set on built-in furniture

Back in the day, people would say that a TV set was the main decoration in the house. This used to be true because, earlier, TV sets could be seen anywhere — on tables and special stands. Today, it’s better to hang TV sets on the walls given the fact that they have become thinner and wider.

Grandfather clock

Even though bulky wooden clocks are considered a vintage thing, they make the interior look too pretentious and give it that “moth ball touch.” Nowadays, clocks with several clock faces, showing the actual time in several world capitals, are trendy.

Backlit mirror

It’s not the best idea to create a movie star dressing room in your home. The trend for mirrors decorated with bright bulbs is a thing of the past. Today, industrial-style riveted mirrors are popular.

Stucco molding made from polyurethane

Intricate reliefs evoking associations with plaster statues of the ancient era stopped being a luxury item a long time ago. In order to not turn your home into a museum of antiquities, it’s better to adorn the walls with decorative stone.

Which other things would you add to this list?

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