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20 People Who Renovated Their Homes and Turned Their Boldest Dreams Into a Reality

Perhaps each of us has had a wish to draw something on the walls in our apartment, to hang a hammock in the middle of our living room, or to create a cozy corner where we can hide from everyone. The characters of our article have bravely turned all their ideas into reality, instead of just sitting and dreaming about it.

We at Bright Side were impressed by the results they got and are even thinking about implementing some of these ideas in our own homes.

The brightest proof that there is no need to opt for a stretch ceiling

“Living room of my loft apartment”

“This house is surrounded by nature and the customer’s main wish was to see all this beauty in their interior.”

“I wanted to make a ceiling from MDF panels. But in the store, it turned out that a square foot of laminate is 2 times cheaper. So that’s what I eventually got.”

“This is my living room, which used to be a church before.”

“I got tired of wallpaper, so I decided to bring bright colors to my everyday life. Now waking up in the mornings is a bit more pleasant.”

“Finally built my fairytale/stargazer canopy after moving into a new house.”

“This is what our coffee corner looks now. We are very proud of ourselves. The process took about 4 days, taking into account the time it took for the polish to dry, and our poor skills and clumsiness.”

“Our kitchen before and after repair. The skylight itself was actually really affordable. Without it, the roof rebuild would’ve been 2 days quicker.”

“After 6 months of renovation, finally had time to put together a new DIY digital wall.”

“Our nephew moved out after 2 years. My wife and I are transforming his room into a Zen Den. Here’s the reading nook.”

“I made a hedge wall in my bedroom.”

Yes, that’s a boat on the ceiling. A real boat.

The walls of this room are hand-painted.

“I built a coffee table around a tree. It’s the perfect place to read!”

“I have an office room hidden behind my bookshelf.”

“Painted my bedroom walls dark green and added this burnt orange macramé. I think it’s coming together.”

“I’m a 49-year-old woman living by myself for the first time in my life. I know it looks like a teenage girl’s bedroom, but it’s my safe place and I love it.”

“Donated all of our stuff and turned a school bus into our very first home. It’s been 30 days since the move in and we couldn’t have dreamed of a cozier space.”

“My cat’s new living room is cozier than my own.”

If you could make any changes to your home, what would be the first thing to change?

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