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How a Wife’s Simple Wish Turned a Man Into a Famous Ocean Photographer

The ocean has always been an object of attention for artists, probably due to its captivating inexplicable raw power. Clark Little, a surfer and photographer from Hawaii, loves to get right up in the center of powerful waves to take his world-famous breathtaking photographs. And what`s even more curious is that these photos wouldn`t exist if it were not for his wife.

Here at Bright Side, we admire people who’ve found their true calling and love what they do, so here’s an inspiring story of an ocean photographer that we couldn’t help sharing with you!

Clark’s love for the ocean appeared early.

Clark was born in 1968 in California, but after 2 years his family moved to the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, and that changed his future. In his 20s he was a pioneer of surfing at the Waimea Bay shorebreak and became known as a skillful surfer.

His wife’s purchase actually changed his life.

In 2007, Clark’s wife wanted to buy a picture of the ocean to hang on their bedroom wall, that’s when he thought that he could actually take pictures like that himself. Little bought a waterproof camera, jumped into the ocean, and started snapping.

Shortly afterward, Clark’s unique shorebreak photos traveled to Europe and Asia.

In just a short time, Clark Little’s photos flew around the world, including exhibitions in Japan, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and throughout the United States.

Clark Little’s photographs are often shot from a unique and often dangerous perspective of waves from the inside, which one cannot compare with photographs taken from the safety of land.

Clark says that his signature pics are shorebreak photographs — when a thick load of water meets the sand and creates a so-called barrel. As the photographer shares, it’s scary and raw, but beautiful. What’s important in shorebreak pics are the backdrops — the rocks, the sandy beaches, the coconut trees, the sun in the right spot — the perfect shot is created when all these things come together.

Clark is happy to have found his true calling.

The photographer confesses that he wouldn’t change his job for anything and that he’s lucky to be documenting the things he photographs.

Clark published 3 art books and in 2011 he opened the Clark Little Gallery Haleiwa, in his hometown in Hawaii, just down the road from many of the North Shore beaches where his pictures were taken. Moreover, in 2016, the film SHOREBREAK: The Clark Little Story was released. You can find more detailed information on the Clark Little website.

Which of these pics impressed you the most? Do you have your own pictures of the ocean? We’d be happy to see your pics and comments in the section below.

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