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15 Parents and Children That Never Get Bored Together

Every family has its own atmosphere. Some people are serious and they don’t like surprises and others are fine with playing jokes on each other. Laughter is good in both cases, so let’s improve your mood with the people from today’s compilation.

We at Bright Side love a healthy sense of humor, especially if everyone is having fun. So we are sharing these 15 situations from people who can’t live without laughter.

15. “My baby’s first birthday. We had no idea there was a sparkler in the candle!”


13. Never tell your horse-loving daughter that she was born in the year of the monkey.


11. My 5-year-old said she had “left me a little.”


9. It smelled so good!



6. “My mom likes to send me photos of my 12-year-old pup to try and get me to move back to my hometown. It might work.”


4. “Today was my birthday, and my mom got me these cookies to celebrate”


2. She doesn’t have the vocabulary for this situation.


How do you have fun in your family?

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