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15+ People Who Chose Family Over Everything

There’s an Indian family with a total of 181 members, and 89 of them are children of the same father. While our families may not be that huge and we’re not out there striving to beat Guinness World Records, we still have our significant others and our relatives at the top of our hearts and minds.

Here at Bright Side, we are sure that money can’t buy you a happy family, and today we’ve collected 19 vivid examples of how people try to go above and beyond just to make their own families happy. Spoiler alert: sometimes they even need to sacrifice their appearance a little bit.

1. “My 98-year-old grandma was the flower girl in my wedding! She kept saying, ‘This will be one for the history books.’”

2. “My son was born today! I am away, but my wife sent me this. I am beyond excited.”

3. “My son and I don’t live together. We got dressed in separate houses today. We did not plan this.”

4. “My son has a skin disease. My way to make his treatment fun.”

5. “After having an extremely difficult pregnancy, I have never felt more powerful.”

6. “My wife was in an accident about 2 months ago resulting in a severe brain injury. We thought we’d make the most of the situation!”

7. “Never really knew what it felt like to be so proud of someone else until I had kids.”

8. “Visited my grandma today.”

9. “My granny died when I was 18, but I put my prescription in a pair of her old frames and they’re my favorite thing ever.”

10. “Father of the year award goes to this gentleman who was taking a very excited boy to the movies.”

11. “My dog Odin welcoming my new wife to the pack.”

12. “In my hometown, this gentleman goes and sits every day with his wife, who’s suffering from dementia.”

13. “My dad is sick, but was able to be there at my graduation!”

14. “I’m a single mother, working a minimum wage job. Made all the overtime worth it. Merry Christmas Princess.”

15. “Met this woman in white today. The other people in the picture are her children. She’s been a single mother for 2 decades.”

16. “The proudest big sister!”

17. “We delivered these bad boys almost 2 years ago.”

18. “Caught husband comforting baby on monitor cam after a bad dream. Heart officially melted.”

19. “Tell me you’re a parent without telling me you’re a parent.”

What was the most memorable thing that the members of your family did for you? How do you usually show your love and care to your loved ones?

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