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17 Babies Who Look Like They Already Have Too Much Life Experience

One common thing old people and babies have is way too much skin for their facial bones. So inevitably, the skin gets saggy, and in the case of babies, they look older than they actually are. But that is only temporary, since as they get older, the bones grow, and they make the skin over them tighter. But it is still hilarious when we see babies that look like they are about to be eligible for their pension.

1. “A skeptical newborn”

2. “I’ve been holding on to this for 10 years waiting to find my people.”

3. The hairline is already in retirement.

4. “This will forever be my favorite picture of my baby girl.”

5. “My best friend’s son always looks like he’s wondering if retirement can come any faster.”

6. “A middle-aged man, headed to a job he hates...”

7. “The forehead and hairline of a century-old man”

8. “I think this little one is ready for retirement.”

9. “Throwback to when my baby was one month old. He was very judgy.”

10. “I’m alive but I ain’t happy about it.”

11. “Lost my job, lost my wife, lost my binky.”

12. “55-year-old office administrator ready for her lunch break”

13. “5 weeks old and grumpy”

14. “Grumpy old man”

15. Already complaining about the prices in today’s society.

16. “My newborn daughter looking like someone just snatched her handbag.”

17. “The perfect picture from when my son was 2 weeks old.”

Do you have any pictures of your baby or a baby in your close circle of friends and family that looked way older even though they were only a few weeks old?

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