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A Daughter Secretly Saves Her Dad’s Life After Being Told Not To

A heartwarming story from Missouri has captured the world’s attention. After receiving a life-saving kidney transplant, a man discovered that his anonymous donor was none other than his own daughter. Grateful yet concerned, the man’s emotions reflect the powerful bond between a father and daughter. Read on to learn more about their story.

The father was diagnosed with kidney disease.

2 years ago, John Ivanowski received a life-changing diagnosis: IgA nephropathy, a chronic kidney disease with potentially devastating consequences. As the disease progressed, Ivanowski refused to let it defeat him.

Johns Hopkins Medicine warned that IgA nephropathy, the chronic illness Ivanowski was diagnosed with, can eventually lead to end-stage renal disease. At this point, the kidneys are no longer able to function, leaving patients with limited options. With this grim prognosis, it’s inspiring to see how Ivanowski has refused to give up hope and is fighting to live his best life.

He also didn’t want his loved ones to worry about him.

Delayne Ivanowski was informed by doctors that her father had limited time left to live due to his illness. Recognizing that her dad urgently needed a transplant, Ivanowski was motivated to assist him in any way possible. Despite her father’s objections, Ivanowski remained steadfast in her decision to donate a kidney to him.

Her selflessness and determination came to fruition on Feb. 16, as she gave her father the gift of life. For 9 months, she underwent the necessary testing and procedures to become a donor, all while keeping her plans a closely guarded secret.

Despite his gratitude for his daughter’s selflessness, the Missouri father was also worried for her.

The father was apprehensive about the potential physical risks of her donating a kidney. The loss of his son to cancer more than 15 years ago added to his concerns, as he stated, “I thought, I lost my boy and if anything happened to Delayne, I don’t know what I would do.”

Despite her father’s initial opposition, Ivanowski was determined to help him, as she explained, “I’m not good at being told no.” Eventually, she received approval as a donor and the surgery was scheduled for Oct. 30, 2022. However, the procedure was delayed due to an accident in which John Ivanowski fell out of a tree while setting up a deer stand and was injured.

Per the plan, the transplant surgery was carried out on Feb. 16, 2023, without complications.

The day after the surgery, Ivanowski entered her father’s recovery room, still wearing her gown and attached to an IV, to surprise him with the good news. The man’s TikTok video of the emotional moment went viral with over 4.6 million views. You can watch it down below.

She said, “As their daughter, I know how much they have sacrificed for me in my 25 years of living,” she wrote. “And it is in my heart to want to do everything in my power to help them through this stressful time.”

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