A Kind Stranger Lies on the Ground to Help an Autistic Boy in the Middle of a Meltdown

2 years ago

Even though 1 in every 54 children is likely to be diagnosed with Autism, there is still not enough awareness about it. In fact, kids with special needs are often frowned upon in public when all they really need is love. Instead of judging, a stranger offered kindness to little Rudy when he needed it the most, and our hearts are happy.

Bright Side is proud to share a heartwarming story that’s full of kindness with our audience.

Rudy and his mom were getting stared at in public.

According to Natalie, she and her son were out for a walk when she noticed strangers staring and frowning at the 2 of them. He started to have a meltdown on their way back and laid down on the floor, making loud noises.

A kind stranger stepped in to help.

Just when Natalie was struggling to get a hold of Rudy, a man walked toward them and politely started talking to the boy on the ground. When she told him that the boy is autistic and can’t really understand what he’s saying, the man decided to lie down with him in order to comfort him.

The man named Ian later walked Rudy and his mom back to their car after making sure they were okay. This random act of kindness meant the world Natalie who revealed that usually when Roo has a meltdown he gets aggressive and totally loses himself.

Rudy was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder at age 2.

Rudy or “Roo” as his mom lovingly calls him, was diagnosed with Autism, global development delay, and sensory processing disorder along with learning difficulties and challenging behavior when he was 2 years and 10 months old. His mom regularly shares the ups and downs of what it is like to care for him.

His mom has a message for the world.

Sharing the incident on her blog, this grateful mom requested that people just be kind. When we see a parent and a kid struggling in public, maybe we should try to ask them if they are okay, she suggests, as it might do wonders and actually make someone’s day better.

Have you ever helped a stranger or accepted help from one? We’d love to read about it in the comments!


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