82-Year-Old Woman Can Finally Retire Thanks to a Stranger Who Raised Over $200K for Her

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Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, far past the age of 65, and do so until the last day of their lives. A woman named Nola, who was working at a local Walmart, was dealing with this scenario until one guy made the decision to lend her a helping hand. And as it turns out, sometimes tiny good deeds lead to big changes.

The woman should have retired a long time ago.

Devan Bonagura was a regular citizen, working a day job, so he could pay the bills. When his shift is over, he spends his free time scrolling through TikTok videos. But one afternoon, he noticed an elderly woman in the Walmart break room while at work. She was tired from being on her feet all day long.

Devan was moved and disappointed to see that the woman, who was long past retirement age, still had to work hard rather than be able to enjoy retirement and the fruits of her labor.

He took it to social media.

He took this to TikTok and posted a video of her with the caption: “Life shouldn’t be this hard...:/ I feel bad.” The video went viral and eventually gained over 3 million views. Many people left comments on the page, encouraging Devan to start a GoFundMe for the employee. The man actually did this, and the outcome stunned him.

Many people joined him to support the woman.

Devan continued to post his story online and raised $100,000 in just 24 hours after publishing the GoFundMe. He went back to Walmart and tell Nola the wonderful news. He worked with Nola’s daughter to plan a surprise for her, and revealed that TikTok users had watched her story and had come together to support her.

She expressed gratitude but informed Devan that she needed to continue working until she could pay off her $170,000 mortgage, meaning the $100,000 was insufficient for her to retire. But things didn’t stop there! The GoFundMe exceeded $200,000 in a matter of days and Nola, who is 82 years old, would be capable of retiring at last.

Now Nola is retired and lives a happy life.

Since his incredible encounter with Nola, Devan has developed his TikTok and carried on with his good deeds, making more money and supporting the homeless. Many individuals have benefited from Devan’s selfless actions, and he has also improved the quality of his own life.

What do you think about Nola and Devan? What is the last good thing you did for a stranger?

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What a very special young man he is. He's truly a heartwarming individual. Others have given Nola an extremely special gift through his care, compassion, and his expression of concern for his coworker. I hope that he does continue his compassionate efforts to help others. You never know how far this could take him and he could grow his abilities to assist and make many more lives better. The sky is the limit. I wish this young man the very best on his journey.


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