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“I’m a Bonus Mom, Not His Stepmom” How Gisele Bündchen Reinvented the Term That Ties Her to Her Stepson

Throughout her career, Gisele Bündchen showed what it is to be a supermodel, and in her private life, what it is to be a super mom. One of her 3 children was born in her husband’s previous relationship. But that didn’t stop her from loving him as if he were her own. She even invented the term “bonus mom” because she doesn’t feel she is his stepmother, but just another person who can give him the love of a mother.

At Bright Side, we love finding out about the stories behind the stars that show their human side. And today we want to share the one about the model who proved that family can be in any format.

The beginning of a love story, but with a special twist

She was one of the most acclaimed supermodels of the 2000s, and her name’s still present in the fashion industry. But catwalks and fame were not the only important things in the Brazilian model’s life: falling in love with American football player Tom Brady was just as valuable because they started a family.

They started their relationship in 2006, and everything was rosy, but just 2 months later, a piece of news broke their bubble: “Tom told me that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. The next day, the news was everywhere, and I felt like my world had been turned upside down,” she confessed in her memoir, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life.

The birth of their family

Although she did not expect it and, as she confessed, it was a difficult moment for her, the birth of John “Jack” Edward Thomas changed everything: “It made my heart expand in ways I didn’t know were possible,” she said, as she fell in love with the little boy who taught her how to be a mom, even though she was not his biological mother. From then on, she would accompany her boyfriend in raising the son with no hard feelings, only love.

2 years later, they said, “I do,” and the family grew after the arrival of Benjamin, their first child, and later Vivian, the youngest of the clan.

A happy blended family

Being a blended family is no reason to not love each other or to get along badly, and the children are good buddies: “For Benjamin, his big brother is his hero. Jack comes in, and Benjamin has a big smile. He wants to follow him around,” she said about them.

That brotherhood between her children inspired her to have more: “I would like a big family [...] I love children. When you come from a big family, you see that as you grow up, you learn to share. [...] Your family gives you a sense of security, and it’s a deep-rooted feeling. That’s why I feel I can fly because I have those roots, and they are very deep. That’s why you get married: you want to create those roots together — you want to give that to your children. I would also love to adopt a child from Brazil,” she confessed.

Stepmother: no. Bonus mom: yes

Although she is not Jake’s biological mother, she has felt him as her own from day one: “I understand that he has a mother and I respect that, but for me, it’s not that because someone else gave birth to him, that he is not my son. I feel that he is, 100% [...] I love him in the same way as if he were mine. I already feel that he is my son, from day one,” she said.

That’s why she doesn’t like the term “stepmother” but prefers to call herself “bonus mom”: “I like the word ’bonus mom’ because I feel like it’s a blessing in my life. I feel so lucky that I got to have an extra wonderful little angel in my life,” she said.

2 moms, double love

With Jack’s biological mother, actress Bridget Moynahan, they have a good relationship, and have shared parenting on good terms from the beginning: “Tom and I made the decision to raise a child together, and we both found partners who not only supported us in raising that child but also love our son as if he were their own. [...] I don’t think you can ask for more than that. My son is surrounded by love,” she said.

Even last year, the model congratulated, via Instagram, the actress for Mother’s Day, and so did her husband.

Being together is their greatest happiness

As she shows us on her Instagram, the 5 of them share their moments of happiness in everyday things like cooking, doing yoga, going to dad’s games, as well as daring to adventure on their travels.

Also, they have a beach house in Costa Rica that they return to every February, not only to disconnect from the world and enjoy each other as a family, but also to celebrate the couple’s anniversary. “Tom and Gisele are truly more in love than ever. They are a very strong family unit and feel they are each other’s best friends, partners, and biggest support systems. They have created the perfect life together,” a reliable source said.

Although they may have started their story in an unusual way, Gisele’s affection for her “extra little angel” made it all possible, and today they are one of the celebrity families that show us that when there is love involved, absolutely nothing else matters.

What do you think of the term “bonus mom”? If you have an “extra little angel,” what does it mean in your life?

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