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12 Pieces of Clothing That Look Good on the Runway but Not in Real Life

Fashion brings us many surprises every year. Designers come up with new ideas combining seemingly completely incompatible materials and shapes. As a result, the pieces of clothing that end up in retail stores seem to be extremely impractical and absolutely unsuitable for everyday life.

At Bright Side, we are amazed at how impractical some controversial fashion designs are.

Micro bags

Micro bags are as cute as they are impractical. Some of them are so small that even a mirror cannot fit in there, let alone a phone. On top of that, this creation costs as much a full-fledged bag which can hardly be called a reasonable purchase.

Thongs on display

Despite the public outrage and rejection, thongs peeking out from pants have received a second life and have reappeared on runways recently. Moreover, it is now trendy to wear a bodysuit like this too. And while the most daring girls dashingly try out this trend, we remain unconvinced: underwear peeking out from clothes is not only impractical, but, to put it mildly, it’s not really pleasing to the eye.

Pointy shoes

You have to work hard to come up with something more impractical than stilettos with long pointed toes. Every woman will confirm that walking in shoes like this is a real torture.

Clothes with big shoulder pads

Big shoulders, that are loved by so many modern designers, are very tricky. You have to be very careful when choosing clothes to avoid looking like a walking closet.

Latex or leather leggings

Latex or leather leggings accentuate literally every curve of your body and can make even the smallest flaws look really big. To get them on, you have to have at least a remarkable amount of resourcefulness or a whole team of assistants, like Kim Kardashian has.


The poncho cape, which is nothing more than a rectangular piece of fabric with a cutout for the head, appears on runways every now and then. There’s no doubt that it looks very impressive. But stylists still cannot clearly say how to wear this fashionable wonder. Due to the specific shape of the poncho, it’s really hard to combine with other pieces of clothing. But most importantly, it gives the body some extra volume, which doesn’t look good on many women.

Patent leather thigh high boots

Bright patent leather thigh high boots look fresh and stylish only at fashion shows. In real life, these boots can add unnecessary vulgarity to an image. Petite women should stay away from this kind of footwear — the shimmer of the patent leather and the bright shade can change the proportions of the body. This is what happened to petite Mila Kunis.

Oversized clothes

Thanks to their comfort and usability, oversized clothes have finally and irrevocably won the hearts of many women. But these items only really look stylish on models with slim figures, while the figure of an ordinary woman can be made to look shapeless. To avoid this, choose an outfit that is 2 sizes larger than yours max, and don’t forget to accentuate your waist or leave some parts of your body (shoulders, legs) exposed so that your silhouette wouldn’t get lost in layers of fabric.

The sports luxe trend

Right behind the sneaker trend, sportswear became popular on the runway and it can be worn with heels and elegant handbags, according to some designers. But even if it looks amazing on runway models, in real life this combination of sport and chic is questionable.

Fur slippers

Fur slippers are good for home and the runway, but not for outside. These shoes get dirty really quickly, and after washing the fur doesn’t look good any longer. Conclusion: fur slippers are not the best purchase.

Palazzo pants

Fashionable palazzo pants, that were so loved by Coco Chanel, certainly look impressive, but they are unsuitable for city life. Thanks to their wide and long legs that completely cover your shoes, these pants can turn their owner into a street cleaner.

Socks with open-toed shoes

The fashion trend to wear open-toed shoes with socks can only be tamed by the bravest girls and we think we know why. This style will attract weird stares from people passing by and surprise everyone.

Have you ever bought a trendy piece of clothing that ended up getting covered with dust in your closet afterward? What was it? Tell us in the comments below.

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