13 Celebrities Who Prove That You Can Look Even Prettier After Pregnancy

It is said that when a woman has a child, it’s not just the baby that is born, but also a new woman is born after giving birth. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a unique moment that marks a before and after in our lives. These celebrities proudly show off their new selves after becoming mothers, some of them repeatedly.

At Bright Side, we love to see the transformations of these women who prove that change is something to be embraced and proudly displayed.

1. Blake Lively — 3 children

2. Nicki Minaj — 1 child

3. Ellen Pompeo — 3 children

4. Hilary Duff — 3 children

5. Kim Kardashian — 4 children

6. Mariah Carey — children

7. Penélope Cruz — children

8. Jennifer Lopez — children

9. Salma Hayek — 1 daughter

10. Courteney Cox — 1 daughter

11. Megan Fox — 3 children

12. Elizabeth Hurley — 1 son

13. Shakira — 2 children

What was your pregnancy like? How did you experience the postpartum stage?

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