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How to Hide Gray Hair Without Dye, and Other Things We Shouldn’t Do to It

As a rule, the first gray hair occurs in people after 30. If you find gray strands earlier, it may be considered premature graying. The fastest way to get rid of these annoying hairs is to dye them. But unfortunately, in a few weeks, our roots will grow out and the gray hairs will appear again. In this article, we’ll tell you about some methods that will help you hide your gray hair so you don’t have to visit a hairdresser very often.

Bright Side has also collected a few tips on how to prevent graying and what you shouldn’t do to gray strands.

Melanin is the pigment responsible for our hair color. It’s produced in specialized cells known as melanocytes. People start going gray when the production of melanin stops. In general, it happens due to aging or a genetic predisposition. An unhealthy lifestyle can speed up the process too.

Part your hair in a different way.

We usually go gray at the temples and the part. So it might be enough to change the way you part your hair to cover gray strands. If you want to be more creative, you could choose a zig-zag part — use a hair spray, gel, or mousse to keep it in place.

Get braids.

If your hair is long, you can cover your gray strands with braids (a classic braid won’t help here.) You’ll have to spend some time and effort to create a voluminous braid and turn it into a rim.

You may also want to try more challenging styles — they can help to hide gray hair too.

Wear accessories.

You can use different accessories if you don’t like braids or have short hair. Tiaras, headbands, pins, and so on will help you cover gray hair and look trendy.

You could also try a hat. For example, berets are at the peak of their popularity this autumn. Of course, this method won’t be useful if you plan to spend time indoors.

Get a voluminous hairstyle.

Voluminous hairstyles help deal with gray hair really well. You just have to create volume at your roots or get curls. Curls will make your hair look more voluminous and hide gray hair strands.

Use a tinting spray.

The most effective way to hide gray hair is to use tinting hair products. They don’t change your hair color for a long time if we compare them to a hair dye but they really help us look more polished when we simply have no time.

How to prevent graying and what we shouldn’t do to our gray hair:

Don’t pull out gray hair. When we pluck strands, we damage our follicles. Eventually, these hairs will stop growing and you’ll get bald patches that are way more unpleasant since it’s more difficult to hide them.

To prevent premature graying, you have to consider your lifestyle and habits:

  • Quit unhealthy habits.
  • Make sure you have a good intake of protein and vitamin B12. A vitamin B12 deficiency may cause premature graying.
  • Many people think that gray hair occurs because of stress. Stress affects our body in a really bad way, so it’s recommended to keep calm and not worry about the little things.

How do you deal with gray hair? Do you know any useful masks? Share your tips with us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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