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You Only Need 8 Basic Black Garments to Create Up to 33 Outfits

Basic garments are called “basics” because they should not be missing from anybody’s wardrobe. By wearing them, you can create combinations to get the perfect outfit for any occasion, regardless of the season. These are elements that, if you add your own special touch, can make you look stylish, because they never go out of style. Also, by coming up with new combinations for how to wear them, you can save money and protect the environment without looking like you’re always wearing the same clothes. Now, buying these in black is clearly the way to go since black matches pretty much anything. On top of that, it’s an elegant color that, depending on how it’s used, can add a small or a big note of seriousness and confidence to your look, and anyone can pull that off.

Bright Side put together a list of 8 basic garments and came up with some of the best ideas to inspire you to try a new style and pull it off like a pro. And hey, if you don’t have some of the clothes mentioned in the list already, maybe this article is the perfect excuse to go shopping. That’s a win-win situation, right?

1. Little black dress

That’s what the quintessential black dress is known as. However, in order for it to be able to be worn on any occasion, it should ideally be a little bit longer than a mini. Of course, this is not an unbreakable rule and anything can be tailored to your own liking.

The thing is, because it’s black, you can achieve an elegant or a very casual look, depending on the accessories you combine it with.

On another note, it can be used at pretty much any time of the year, no matter whether it is autumn-winter or spring-summer.

2. The pullover

When it comes to clothes that keep you warm, you might think that these are garments that should be kept in the closet all year long and worn only in the winter. But actually, a pullover can even be worn with the sleeves rolled up, together with a denim skirt to create a cool wardrobe, perfect for springy days. After all, most pullovers are actually made of thin fabrics. The pullover can be so versatile that it can also be used to create a formal office outfit or a casual one, and can even be worn with a skirt or trousers.

3. Leggings

When we think about leggings, many people think of them as sportswear, and of course, that’s one of the many uses for leggings. But it is precisely because they are so comfortable that we decided to include them in our basics list. Black leggings can be worn when you want to have a more casual look.

Depending on the climate, you can combine them with warmer or lighter clothes.

Or you can go for something a bit more grungy. The ideal is to have or buy leggings that fit your figure without being too loose or too tight. In any case, they can be the perfect part of a daily outfit.

4. Blazer

Although a blazer, on its own, adds a touch of style to the outfit you’re wearing and gives you character in any situation, this garment is very adaptable to all types of clothing. You can wear it with a black skirt or dress to look very formal, which might be necessary when going on a work interview, for example, or with just leggings and flat shoes to have a more relaxed look.

However, this garment is also adaptable, depending on the colors you’re wearing. For example, it allows you to the chance to contrast it with a white blouse or you can decide to go all black to draw attention to your shoes if they have a more vibrant color.

5. Stiletto heels

Stiletto heels are so stylish that they could save you in any situation, no matter if you are wearing a dress, a jumpsuit, a skirt, shorts, or just a pair of jeans. Combine stilettos with any garment and they will instantly give you that extra oomph of style and elegance for sure. Ideally, they should be black, to match everything: wear them to a party, a date, or any other special occasion, black stiletto heels will always be your allies.

6. Oxfords or flats

Unlike stiletto heels, flat shoes come with comfort, and there are a few models, like flats or oxfords, that don’t take a toll on your outfit’s style. They simply give it a more relaxed look. After all, nobody can blame you for wanting to be comfortable.

Flats are so feminine, they could even be worn with a party dress. Oxfords, on the other hand, can be a bit more tricky to combine, because you have to know how to match them with the rest of your outfit to avoid looking too rough and masculine (assuming that’s your goal, of course).

Like all basics, be it flats or oxfords, they give you the opportunity to put together both winter and summer outfits, so don’t worry about what to put back in the attic this year.

7. Leather jacket

Leather jackets usually give a youthful look to your outfits, as well as an original and somewhat rebellious look that is reminiscent of rock and roll stars from the past century. Don’t be afraid to combine them with any garment, because it is very likely that, whatever you’re wearing, it will look just fine. Of course, this is all because of how versatile leather jackets are. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dress, jeans, or even an animal print, which sometimes some people are reluctant to wear. This garment will look great with everything.

8. Jumpsuits and one-piece dresses

The jumpsuit is another example of how versatile a good garment can be. You can create elegant or casual outfits with it depending on the accessories you combine it with. Despite how easy they look, they also remain one of the most feared garments. Many are afraid that it won’t fit them properly, but the truth is, there is so much variety out there that if you look, you can find the perfect jumpsuit or one-piece. A black jumpsuit, preferably plain, can get you out of any fashion emergency.

Which of these basics do you already have in your closet? Which ones would you not buy and which ones would you like to have? How do you combine your black basics? Tell us in the comment section.

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