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10 Body Features That Are Perfectly Imperfect

Whether it’s facial hair or wrinkles around your elbow, these conditions don’t indicate that you’re any less beautiful than anyone else. It’s just something unique that makes your whole appearance more you.

We at Bright Side worship individual beauty and perfect imperfections and would like to share some facts about 10 features.

1. Facial hair

Women and men are born with hair on their bodies, and facial hair is no exception. There is only one thing to remember. Excessive hair growth can be just a sign of hersutism and there are other symptoms like if there’s voice deepening, increased muscle mass and/or male pattern balding.

2. An asymmetrical face

Facial symmetry is found in approximately 2.0803% of the world’s population. This is more of a unique feature than something considered common, so actually the quality is not extraordinary, but a sign of norma.

3. Pruney fingers

Pruney fingers are caused by the natural process of shrinking blood vessels. After spending some time in the water, your nervous system sends impulses to your blood vessels and, in turn, your body responds. The loss of blood volume makes your vessels get thinner and the skin folds.

4. A short thumb

When the finger with its nail is shorter than usual, it’s called brachydactyly. It’s a genetic feature and there’s nothing dangerous about this condition. If you have this feature, it’s a part of your individuality that makes you one of a kind.

5. No knuckle present in your thumb

Sometimes thumbs underdevelop and a joint is missing. It’s not a critical disorder, and if it doesn’t interfere with your life, no surgery is needed.

6. Hairy arms

Many women have wondered if they should shave their arms. It should be totally your own choice because femininity or masculinity can’t be measured by the absence or presence of hair on your body. As for facial hair, excessive hair growth can be a sign of hersutism, which we’ve already mentioned above.

7. Wrinkles on your elbows

Some loose skin around your elbows is absolutely normal and allows your joints to move. During the aging process, the skin in this area can become saggier. Just moisturize it more to slow down the process if you like. Otherwise, having wrinkles around your elbows is a norma.

8. Tooth gap

Perfection is an abstract concept. There are no rules that say teeth shouldn’t have any gaps. It’s just your perception that matters. There are many celebs with gaps in their teeth that are considered beautiful, like Dakota Johnson and Vanessa Paradis.

9. Stretch marks

If you have stretch marks, you’ve likely experienced:

  1. Growth spurts due to puberty
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Rapid weight loss or gain
  4. Rapid muscle growth

If you started experiencing them, visit your doctor to make sure with a diagnosis.

10. Birthmarks

We can have birthmarks absolutely anywhere, like on the face, eyes, and ears. It’s a part of your individuality. However, you should be sure to take care of their condition, check on their color and shape, and get appropriate medical tests.
Birthmarks can be present at birth or appear shortly afterwards. More than 10 percent of babies have some sort of birthmark.

What do you like the most about your body? What do you think about perfection? Please share your opinion with us!

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