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9 Tips That’ll Help You Choose the Right Products to Help You Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

When we start our diets, we may fall victim to some popular nutrition myths. Choosing low-fat products in the supermarket, ditching pastries, and consuming an enormous amount of “healthy” yogurt — all these things make us feel permanently hungry, but the cozy pillow around our waist stays in the same place.

We at Bright Side found out that it’s not necessary to starve yourself or endlessly count calories on the way to a flat tummy. We discovered some scientifically proven diet tips that’ll help you shape up your body without all the endless torture and sacrifice.

1. Choose pastries made of coconut flour.

The most painful thing about starting a diet is likely having to turn down bagels, bread, and cake. However, it’s not the bagel itself that can turn our bellies into pillows, but the type of flour that it’s made out of. There are certain types of flour that are not grain-based, like coconut flour, quinoa flour, and buckwheat flour.

Coconut flour is rich in fatty acids that are metabolized differently than other fats, and one of its benefits is that it reduces hunger and appetite, keeps blood sugar stable, and prevents body fat from accumulating. Quinoa flour and buckwheat flour are free from saturated fats, which help to control binge-eating and facilitate healthy digestion.

2. Garlic might be smelly, it’s your waist’s best friend.

Garlic may not be a good idea before or during a romantic dinner, however, it can work wonders on your waist. Numerous studies suggest that adding garlic to your diet can decrease the proportions of your belly, as long as it’s cooked properly. However, you should not expect that garlic will influence your overall body weight or body mass index, as some myths suggest. Its main mission is to shape your waist.

3. Turmeric will spice up your food and help you stay in shape.

Turmeric can be found in a number of recipes from all over the world. But this brown-orange powder has a magic effect when it comes to burning calories and helping you zip up those skinny jeans you no longer can fit into. Turmeric has been proven to reduce body weight and reshape the waist of people who suffer from excessive weight. Just add it to your chicken or soup and you’ll have a dietitian-approved meal.

4. Pick sauerkraut instead of raw cabbage.

Sauerkraut contains more lactobacteria than yogurt. A bite or 2 of this fermented food every couple of days can help prevent a lot of chronic diseases of the digestive system, lower the level of glucose in the blood, and help prevent weight accumulation. Moreover, sauerkraut can even improve your mental health and help you fight depression, a study suggests. It’s important to choose fresh sauerkraut, which doesn’t contain vinegar, to enjoy all the benefits of this valuable food.

5. Eat shirataki noodles instead of pasta.

Shirataki noodles are a Japanese food consisting of konjac fiber and water, which makes them fat-free and diet-friendly. One of the effects of these noodles is preventing overeating, as they cause a quick sense of satiety and also prevent constipation. Researches have proven that shirataki noodles help reduce body weight and their bonus effect can stimulate quicker wound healing. Currently, there are plenty of recipes with shirataki noodles that can be both healthy and tasty.

6. Seitan is a tasty plant-based protein source.

Seitan is a popular vegan product that is recommended by scientists and nutritionists for its high protein content and priceless dietitian value. Seitan is a basic food that can be cooked in numerous ways: you can grill it, roast it, consume it with spices, or eat it hot or cold.

7. Choose the right yogurt.

Dietitians from all over the world claim that probiotic food (like yogurt or kefir) helps reduce belly fat and control body weight. But recent studies suggest that a certain type of bacteria, which is added to some yogurt, can actually help you to gain fat, not lose it. The bacteria is marked as L. acidophilus on the yogurt bottle and this is why it’s important to study the labels while buying yogurt or kefir. It’s advised to opt for the Lactobacillus gasseri ingredient instead, as this bacteria helps prevent constipation and acts as a real probiotic for the digestive system.

8. Ditch the “low-fat” marked products in supermarkets.

While starting a diet, the first thing we probably do is reduce the fats we eat. So “low-fat” markings on food in supermarkets can look especially tempting and promising. However, they’re even more harmful than normal fatty foods since they contain modified fats and more sugar. Moreover, kicking the fats out of a diet can make your belly fat stay put while ditching carbs can actually work.

9. Limit your consumption of sunflower oil.

Sunflower oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, which are known for their huge role in adding extra pounds to our bodies, especially if it’s used too much. Nutritionists recommend keeping a balance of omega-6 by adding omega-3 to your daily food plan. This balance is kept by using olive oil as the main cooking oil and using sunflower oil to a minimum

Does exercise or dieting work better for you when you’re trying to lose some extra pounds? What are your favorite meals that are both healthy and tasty?

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