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16 Pics That Prove True Love Knows No Such Thing as Time

Time is truly the test of any relationship. Keeping the spark alive after so many years is no small feat. But many couples have proven that in a world where fairytales do not exist, there is still such a thing as “happily ever after.”

Bright Side wants to celebrate the couples whose bond has withstood the test of time. See which of these love stories inspires you the most.

1. “Same beach in La Jolla, April 1984 vs. April 2014, exactly 30 years apart.”

2. “Then [1985] and now. 2 kids, just as in love today as we were back then.”

3. “Mom and dad, then vs now”

4. “My Grandparents, then and now.”

5. “50 years, then and now”

6. “Me and my husband, 12 years ago and today”

7. “Some friends of mine in 1988 and then in 2014. They’re by far the most awesome couple I know.”

8. “My parents celebrate their 40th anniversary today. Some things never change.”

9. “High school sweethearts”

10. “This June, I will marry my childhood sweetheart of 22 years. This is us in 1991 vs now.”

11. 9 years later, they are still picture-perfect.

12. “I’m about to marry my high school sweetheart.”

13. “10 years ago I ’asked out’ a cute girl. Last week I asked her to be my wife. Crazy how fast time goes.”

14. “Our 1992 wedding day photos recreated 25 years later in 2017.”

15. “50 years later... My grandparents, happy as ever!”

16. “Then and now, 50 years later”

How about you? What do you think the secret ingredient is to a long-lasting relationship? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

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