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10 Board Games on Sale to Make Your Whole Family Squeal With Joy

Board games aren’t just fun. In fact, they can give you and your kids some useful skills. They teach us to control impulses, follow the rules, reflect, cooperate, and so many other essential things. That’s why it’s always a nice idea to gather for a family game night and make some cool memories together.

Here are 10 family-friendly board games that are on Bright Side’s list. They will give you a lot of exciting, competitive, and joyful moments.

10. Draw while the canvas is moving.

9. Race to get all your pieces home before they get splattered.

8. Save the chickens from the hungry fox!

7. Test your Harry Potter knowledge with 600 questions.

6. Save as many chickens, hay bales, and wagon wheels as possible without the perch toppling.

5. Guess what your opponents are thinking about.

4. Put together an edible meal, but beware of making yucky combinations that could cause a tummy ache!

3. Describe, draw, and guess the brands and products on the card to win the game!

2. Help the tiger to find lots of nice things to eat and drink!

1. Earn power cards by making sets and runs.

What other board games do you like playing? Share your recommendations with us.

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