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The 10 Best Selling Products You Can Use to Cut Corners on Cleaning Services

On average, hiring a cleaning service costs $180, but it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to save this money for gifts for the upcoming gift giving season or even travel plans. Taking a little time to clean every day not only helps our wallet to not thin out but also has a positive effect on our mental health and nervous system.

Start small each day and set a timer for 15 minutes to make cleaning less daunting. Don’t worry about getting the perfect cleaning goods since Bright Side has chosen the best cleaning supplies for your house.

1. Use this electric brush instead of manual labor and get the job done 2 times faster. This device will be especially useful to you if you have long nails.

  • This electrical brush does all the work for you and improves cleaning time by up to 57%.
  • It makes it simple to clean areas that are challenging to access.
  • It can be used all around the home, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living room.
  • Comes with the 4 AA batteries needed to use it.

Promising review: One of the best buys I ever made. This is one of the best cleaning utensils I have ever used. A deep clean was needed after renting out my home and then returning. I was thinking this would take me hours but it took me 20 minutes. I absolutely love it for everything. Shower/windows. Best buy. — carol

You can get the electric brush on Amazon now

2. For especially stubborn limescale, dilute this descaler concentrate with water and add it to a squirt bottle to use in cleaning. Your bathroom will shine after a simple cleaning.

The limescale remover concentrate is gentle and safe for multi-surface materials in the bathroom. Very effective against scale, dirt, & muck, even removes rust, verdigris, soap scum, & urine stains in the toilet & sink areas. It is easy to use, and it gives visible results.

How to use

  • Depending on the amount of dirt, limescale remover is either used undiluted or diluted with water to a solution of 1:10.
  • Apply the strong limescale remover with a sponge or in a spray bottle.
  • Let it work for a few minutes, then wipe it off with water and rinse.
  • Submerge clogged showerheads in limescale remover for 30 minutes and then scrub them with a brush.

Promising review:

Stubborn limescale stains BEGONE!

I live in a very hard water area, which has left unsightly yellow limescale around the bathroom and kitchen taps. I am a natural cleaner. I make my own cleaning products, but I could not get rid of the stubborn limescale no matter how hard I tried.
So off I went to my beloved Amazon, ordering products that promised to get rid of limescale, and all failed, from magic sponges to miracle creams.
HG is a brand I am aware of that gives great results, and having read the reviews for this product, I eagerly purchased a bottle.
I was delighted to find it did the job very easily. I needed 2 applications, and by the second, everything lifted off, no hard scrubbing required. I feared there’d be a strong odor, but it was gentle and not a problem at all.
A little goes a long way as it foams up upon contact with water and spreads easily. I used an undiluted solution for the taps.
I highly recommend this product. I wish I’d taken a before picture, but I did take an after picture so you can see the results. — AnnMaria

You can get the limescale remover on Amazon now

3. This scrubber tool is perfect for people with health difficulties. It will help you to clean your bathroom without stress and reach high areas with ease.

  • This tile cleaner is ideal for those who have trouble bending or stretching, as it is extendable.
  • It measures 2.5 feet from the extended handle to the tip of the sponge attachment.
  • The cleaning brush has 3 attachments: a sponge scrubber, a microfiber cleaning pad, and a bathroom mop head.

Promising review: Fabulous. I bought this as my tiles go to the ceiling over the bath. Every time I clean them, I take my life in my hands, balancing on the rim of the bath. I’m 5’4 and this tile mop allowed me to reach even the corners without performing a balancing act. The polishing attachment is also amazing — no streaks. It’s small and lightweight, which is great for me as I’m a cleaner and it means I can take it to work easily. I can understand why this may put some people off though, as it can appear “flimsy,” but it isn’t. It’s not super long, but it’s long enough, and for the price, it’s a steal. It would be a bonus if the replacement heads came in different colors also. — Kev Flannery

You can get the cleaning brush on Amazon now

4. Dirty radiators contribute to the worsening of allergies. You can avoid this issue by using a brush for radiators.

  • This brush is made of flexible and strong metal.
  • 80 cm (31.5 inches) in length.
  • It is an ideal cleaning brush for most types of radiators, dryer lint, and washing machines.
  • There is no need to remove the top grill on radiators, so you can clean the inside of the radiator directly.
  • Dust removal helps improve the efficiency of the radiator and indirectly saves fuel costs, and the potential risk of fire is effectively avoided.

Promising review: For a 1970s radiator, it worked well. Brilliant, just what I needed to clean inside and behind a gritty old-style radiator. I shifted so much dust-I’m truly ashamed I haven’t cleaned it before. I think the before and after pictures (including the ghastly evidence) speak for themselves! The brush still has loads of life left in it-which is good because I’m now on a mission to tackle every radiator in the house! I also used it to get under the cooker 😊 Mrs A

You can get the brush on Amazon now

5. You won’t be able to find any stains that these wipes can’t handle. They can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces, so it’s useful to have this multipurpose product on hand, especially if you’re working on any DIY projects.

  • These wipes are especially useful when there is no water available.
  • Effective cleaning wet and semi-cured paints, sealants, adhesives, bitumen, polyurethane, expanding foams, polyester fillers, and epoxies from hands, tools, and surfaces.
  • They contain a powerful anti-bacterial additive along with vitamin E and aloe vera to prevent skin dryness.

Promising review: My conservatory had become very mucky and not so appealing to look at from the outside. I felt this was a massive task for me to take on to clean it due to the fact I didn’t have a pressure washer, and it had gotten quite bad. After a quick Google on ways to clean uPVC, I came across these wipes.
I could see they had positive reviews but not much info on how well they worked on uPVC. I decided to buy them to give them a go. I was so impressed when I started wiping. All the muck came off much easier than I expected it to, and it took me no time at all to get it off.
I only purchased a hundred because I didn’t know how well or if they would work for me at all. After doing the back doors, I have now purchased more in larger quantities.
I absolutely love these and would definitely recommend them. — Sian

You can get the wonder wipes on Amazon now

6. You won’t have to get rid of worn out sofas or old carpets with this portable cleaner. You can even clean the inside of your car thanks to the device’s compact size.

  • This cleaner works great on everyday spills and helps you get into your carpets’ tough, set-in stains.
  • It maintains a constant water temperature throughout the cleaning process.
  • It comes complete with 2 sample bottles of Bissell compact carpet shampoo.

Promising review: I don’t normally leave reviews, but thought given the state of my sofa arms after a long period of building work and abuse, it was worth sharing! Good kit and I think we’ve saved the sofa replacement for another day! — Jarrod Bache

You can get the cleaner on Amazon now

7. A black polish can make your old stove or fireplace seem brand new. No one will even know that the stove had rust patches.

When dried, this polish leaves a beautiful black finish that does not rub off. It is heat resistant, water-based, and dries very quickly.

How to use

  • Make sure the stove/grate is cold or barely warm.
  • Apply a thin coat of polish lightly using a damp cloth. After a brief period of drying, polish off with a soft cloth or brush until there is no longer any polish visible. Any excess product may generate fumes once heated.
  • After use, put a few drops of water on the tin and secure the lid to avoid drying.
  • If soft fabrics make contact with polished surfaces, they may get stained.

Promising review: Transformational! Really amazing stuff. We hadn’t cleaned our stove in 12 years of heavy use, except for a wipe down with soapy water every so often. It was starting to look rather woebegone and grey/rust-colored.
10 minutes with this, and it looks brand new. Simply apply the paste, then rub off the excess with an old cloth. It took about 10 minutes. It doesn’t smell noticeably. And the result is instant. I only used a small amount from the tube, so I will be doing a second application as well. I don’t doubt you could do at least a dozen applications from just one tube.
Great stuff. — Chrisox

You can get the stove polish on Amazon now

8. Don’t be scared to use a scraper! It will speed up your job significantly and come to your rescue when no other product can remove dirty spots.

It comes in a kit with 300 ml of oven cleaner and a scraper. You can use it on surfaces like glass oven doors and induction stoves, and it is non-abrasive.

How to use

  • Clean the surface with water and oven cleaner. The glass must be wet before scraping.
  • Prior to scraping the center, scrape the sides. Scrape only the wet portions of the glass.
  • Only scrape in a forward motion.

Promising review: Wow, honestly, such an amazing product. In the last few months, I have used so many products to clean my oven and induction stove, but I was so disappointed as every product I bought, from cheap to expensive, was useless. I googled and found a super amazing product.
At first, I was reluctant to use the scraper as I thought it might cause scratches, but I was wrong. The stove looks clean, with no scratches at all. It took me some time to clean, but the results are amazing. I cook a lot of food, and there is spillage, so there were tough burnt stains that are gone now. I am so happy.
Definitely recommend. — Muhammad Haashir Idrees

You can get the scraper on Amazon now

9. You won’t want to use any other products ever again after using this one. Pick this cleaner if you need to get rid of various stains in your house, even the ones you believe are impossible to remove.

  • This cleanser is perfect for removing rust, metal tarnish, mineral deposits, and stains.
  • It removes even heavy stains from brass and copper and can be used on quartz worktops to remove stains.
  • This product does not contain bleach.

Promising review: Amazing! I had a large black ring on an oak worktop (a teaspoon for scale). I made a paste with this and a little water, left it for 20 minutes, wiped it off, and the back ring was gone! No scrubbing, just gone! — Laura

You can get the cleanser on Amazon now

10. Don’t let stuck-on stickers drive you out of your mind. Remove any sticky stuff without drama with this spray.

  • This sticker remover is suitable for use on most surfaces, including glass, plastic, fabrics, metal, worktops, and more.
  • It is ideal for use on vertical surfaces.
  • It tackles chewing gum, adhesive, sticky tape & label residue, tar, glue, grease, shoe polish, scuff marks, wax, and wet paint crayon.

Promising review: This spray is absolutely amazing! I had a wall full of stickers and I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to get rid of them at all. It literally took me 30 minutes with this amazing spray. Great product for the money. — Aneta

You can get the sticker remover on Amazon now

What tricks do you use to motivate yourself to clean? And how long does it take on average to clean your house?

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