10 Common Mistakes That Prevent Our Hair From Looking Stunning

It’s easy for men to be attractive — after all, it’s bald men who are considered the most handsome ones among the representatives of the strong half of the planet. In order to look stylish, all they need to do is to use a hair trimmer or shaver, while girls have to invent new methods to take care of their hairstyles and hairdos. Still, the eventual result of these tricks, for some reason, doesn’t always please the eye.

Bright Side became convinced from their own experience that sometimes the same haircare recipes are not suitable for everyone who wants to have a beautiful mane. And even though our hair requires an individual approach, some mistakes for keeping it looking good are made by practically all of us.

Mistake #1: Washing hair with cheap shampoo

Cheap shampoos can be good for removing dirt from our hair, however, their useful properties normally stop at this point. More expensive products have additional conditioning ingredients that minimize damage and make the hair softer to the touch.

  • Product DOES matter, things like sulfates and parabens completely strip your hair, making the cuticle more exposed and therefore more frizzy and damaged. © curiouswritten / Reddit
  • Getting salon shampoo makes a world of difference. Most drugstore shampoos are cheap because they’re filled with waxes and fillers and are watered down. © Ahoycapnkayla / Reddit

Mistake #2: Not visiting the hairstylist for a long time

On average hair grows by about 0.4 inches a month, however, this indicator differs a lot in people with different types of hair and different health conditions. It is also believed that short hair should be trimmed a little more often than long hair: bob and pixie hairstyles should be trimmed once every 4-6 weeks, medium length and long hair should be trimmed every 8-10 weeks.

  • Trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow faster. Your hair grows from your scalp, not at the ends! Trims are good for getting rid of split ends and keeping your hair looking nice and healthy. © nearlyparanormal / Reddit

Mistake #3: Using henna before visiting a beauty salon

Dyeing hair with henna is the oldest way to change your hair color ( it was used in Ancient Egypt). And though this product is still very popular all over the world, the plant-based dye can behave unpredictably on colored and bleached hair.

  • I henna my hair. The girl that got me into henna bleached over her henna hair. Her hair was naturally dark and I think she was hoping that if she lightened her hair and redid the henna, her hair would be that nice ginger she was going for. It was atrocious. Her hair was like straw. Eventually, she shaved her head and let it grow back from scratch. © mamblepamble / Reddit
  • I had a client sit in my chair with medium brown hair. She said she hadn’t colored it in years. She wanted to be super blonde, balayage. I’m like, okay, no problem, and I start foiling, using bleach. Once I’m like 3/4 of the way through foiling her head, I check the first foils I put in, just to see if they’re getting any lighter yet. I open them up, and her hair is swampy green about 3 inches out from her scalp. So I ask her, “Okay, what did you do to your hair about 6 months ago?” She says she totally forgot she used a clear henna treatment on her hair 6 months previous to her sitting in my chair. © MeowMeowMonster / Reddit

Mistake #4: Not brushing through tangled hair

Tangled hair is the biggest enemy of a nice hairstyle. It is believed that it’s the dryness and dehydration of the hair that lead to tangled hair: their unprotected layers adhere to each other, forming unpleasant knots and lumps. Frequent dyeing and lightening are also not good for your hair — all because exposure to chemicals leads to a reduction of the number of proteins in the hair.

  • I have tangly hair that I inherited from my mom, but I picked up a few tricks of my own to add to its brushability — I always brush it before I get in the shower, and I always brush it before bed. It makes it easier to brush when I get out of the shower or get up in the morning. © ***antonyx / Reddit
  • It might be worth braiding your hair at night and/or using a satin pillowcase. The braid(s) keep it from getting tangled, and the satin keeps the braid(s) or hair in general from matting. © Majikkani_Hand / Reddit

Mistake #5: Combing or brushing wet hair

Frequent brushing of your hair can become the reason for its brittleness and hair loss. The thing is water weakens the protective barrier of hair fibers and makes them more vulnerable. In cases, when you still need to style your hair right after washing it, it’s better to do it with the help of a wide-tooth comb. It is believed to be less harmful to the hair than other types of combs.

Mistake #6: Not cutting long fine hair

Unfortunately, not everyone can have naturally thick and flowing hair. Anyway, those who have fine hair shouldn’t get upset because a correctly chosen hairstyle and hairdo can turn even the weakest of locks into a gorgeous mane.

  • The Pixie — Longer layers have enough weight to keep hair in place while shorter layers add volume all around the head.
    The Bob — The defined shape of the bob, whether you get the look without or with thin bangs, adds the appearance of volume.
    Any shoulder-length hair is a universally flattering look so a good length to end with for thin hair. © Alex BenDebba / Quora

Mistake #7: Using the wrong brushes

It’s not only stress or the wrong diet that can lead to significant hair loss but also using a comb or a brush. If used wrong, it contributes to the appearance of excessive brittleness and tangled hair. However, it’s still possible to prevent hair issues if you opt for the right comb/brush and if you comb your hair starting from the ends and gradually going up to the roots.

  • I work as a stylist. Boar bristle brushes are great at distributing oils from your scalp through your hair but can be a bit rough on fine hair when it’s wet. They’re ideal for styling and smoothing coarse or textured hair.
    When detangling wet hair you’ll want to use a wide-tooth comb or a wet brush. They have extra bendy bristles to minimize breakage since your hair is weakest when it’s wet.
    Paddle brushes (can be nylon or boar’s hair) are great for everyday brushing and detangling. These are the standard brush with the squishy part underneath the bristles.
    Vent brushes have slits through them and are ideal for rough drying hair as the vents allow air from your dryer to pass through.
    Round brushes are for styling and smoothing, you’ll use those with a blow dryer to create a sleek finish. © Arkade_Blues / Reddit

Mistake #8: washing the hair with hot water

Hair brittleness and porosity can also occur as a result of washing with hot water, which opens pores and provokes hair loss. The high temperature dries out the skin, causes dandruff and itching, and, of course, totally ruins the appearance of the entire hairstyle.

Mistake #9: Getting total lightening / bleach

Though we sometimes tend to hope that a hairstylist armed with scissors and tubes of hair dye can turn our life, and hair, in particular, 180°, in real life, total bleaching can lead to additional problems. Bleaching changes the inner structure of hair and dehydrates it, irreversibly turning it into bunches of straw.

  • I have been going to the same stylist for over 25 years now, and have gotten a lot of great hair advice from him. One thing he told me is: when coloring, stick to the 2-shade rule....go 2 shades lighter or darker, and that’s it. Going from dark brown to blonde is highly damaging, due to the lightning process required, and maintenance needed thereafter. © Kathleen Alexandrakis / Quora

Mistake #10: Visiting different beauty salons

Relationships with a personal hairdresser sometimes last longer than a career and even some marriages. There is a reason why this happens: the master’s thorough knowledge of all the specifics of your hair not only allows them to choose a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle but it also allows them to keep your hair healthy and not waste your money.

  • Don’t flit from salon to salon, it’s much better to develop an ongoing ‘hair relationship’ with a stylist, who knows what styles/colors/treatments work best for you. © Kathleen Alexandrakis / Quora

What other haircare tips could you share with our readers?

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