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10 Little Tricks That Can Help You Look Better in Photos

We often complain that our photos don’t look the way we want them to. In the photos, we notice that we’ve suddenly gained weight, our arms and legs have become bigger, and we seem to have bags under our eyes. Some say that they’re simply not photogenic, and others regret that they didn’t use smartphone filters.

At Bright Side, we talked to professional photographer Alexei Serov and found out how to look like a top model in all our photos. In the bonus section, you’ll find out how to get ready for a photo session properly.

Turn your nose in the direction of the source of light.

Light is perhaps one of the most important things in photography. It can make a 3D body completely flat or change the shape of things. To prevent wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes from appearing on your face, you should always turn your nose toward the light source.

Don’t hold your breath.

The camera captures any unnaturalness and tension. If a person holds their breath at the time of the shot, it’s reflected on both the face and the body. The person looks stiff, and the pose feels awkward.

Bend everything that can be bent.

It may sound strange, but you should try to bend all the joints and, indeed, everything that bends in your body, like the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and lower back. It won’t be easy to do it all at once the first time you try it.

To make your pose look natural, you can simply move or dance. If a person feels uncomfortable, no charming curves will save the photo.

Don’t lean on your arms.

The elegant pose, where a young lady is leaning on one or both arms, seems beautiful only in theory. As soon as a person strains their arms, those immediately become visually larger. At the same time, if you don’t lean on your arms, but maintain the posture at the expense of the abs and back muscles, the body will look strained. It’s better if you put your hands on your lap in a relaxed manner.

Don’t prop your cheeks up with the hands.

When a person props their face up with their fists, this makes their hands and cheeks look bigger, distorting their shape. If you want to have your hands raised, touch your chin and cheeks with your fingers slightly. At the same time, don’t bend your fingers, but rather, straighten them.

Don’t raise your hands to your hair.

This pose is difficult, even for a professional model. It’s too pretentious and complicated in execution, and it often looks awkward in the photos. Besides, all the imperfections of your arms will be immediately visible.

It’s best to place your fingers on your thigh or waist, or simply wrap them around your other forearm. This will make the look appear more stylish and elegant.

Don’t hide your hands in pockets and don’t bend your fingers too much.

Ideally, all parts of your body should be visible, meaning you should not hide one hand behind your back, press your legs together, or put your hands into your pockets. You may hide only the thumbs, while other fingers should rest on your thighs in a relaxed manner.

If you turn your head, cover your neck with your hair or a scarf.

The pose where a woman glances over her shoulder looks very feminine and elegant. The only minus is that folds appear on the neck. They can be neatly covered with one’s hair or a scarf.

Don’t look in the lens directly.

Don’t look directly in the lens. It looks too deliberate. It’s better to find a point to the right, just above the photographer’s head, and fix your gaze on it.

Be natural.

Natural movements will always overshadow even the most sophisticated and elegant poses. Natural laughter and looking like you’re genuinely having fun are more advantageous and attractive. A photo session is, of course, a serious matter, but sometimes it’s worth getting a bit distracted and having a good time.

Bonus: how to get prepared for a professional photo session

  • Even if you really like a photographer’s work, take the time to meet them in person. If you don’t like the person, it will be difficult and unpleasant to communicate with them, and nothing worthy will come out of the event.
  • Practice a little in front of the mirror, holding different poses.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and one color. If you wear a T-shirt or dress, it shouldn’t have bright prints and patterns.
  • Heels are your best friend if you’re a young lady in a photo shoot. But walking in them for 2 hours can be an ordeal. So it’s worth taking comfortable sneakers or flip flops with you — just put on the high heels right before the shoot.
  • Don’t drink too many liquids the night before the shoot, and sleep well. Any professional photographer can use Photoshop, but a tired and swollen face will be difficult to retouch.

Do you like yourself in photos? Is there a secret trick that you like to use? Share them in the comments below.

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