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10+ Ways to Survive a Wildfire

In case a natural disaster, like a wildfire, breaks out and you need to escape, the “rule of 3s” could save you, according to a former Navy SEAL. Always have in mind 3 possible options for escaping, weigh the pros and cons instantly, and choose the best option. Once you choose the first one, without wasting time, you’ll be able to then move on to option 2 ASAP, if the first one doesn’t work.

At Bright Side we put together a survival guide with tips that will give you the chance to get out of a wildfire safe and sound. While Australia suffered from bushfires at an unprecedented rate, we thought we need to be prepared in case of an emergency.

1. Try to stay upwind of the fire at all times. Use the wind’s direction as a guide to escape the approaching fire.

If the wind is blowing toward the fire, then you should run into the wind. But if the wind is blowing from behind and toward you, then you should run to your left, perpendicular to the fire. This way you’ll avoid both the flames and the sparks that the wind course carries.

2. Keep your clothes wet.

If you are in a car, lie down, cover yourself with a wet blanket or coat, and cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth to help you breathe. If you are at home, make sure all the doors and windows are closed. Use towels and blankets to block the space under the doors and prevent the smoke from entering.

3. Look for a large, non-flammable piece of terrain.

4. Seek safety near or in water (the sea, a lake, or a river).

5. Stay low to the ground, smoke rises.

6. If you are in a car, roll up the windows and close the air vents to keep the smoke outside.

7. If you are in a building, close all the doors, windows, and vents, but do not lock them — so that you can escape if needed.

8. Remove curtains from windows and doors and keep flammable furniture in the center of the house.

9. Turn on all the lights outside and in every room, to be visible to the rescuers through the smoke.

10. Wet the area using hoses or sprinklers to keep the fire out.

11. Find safety in an already burnt area.

Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation? How did you manage to get out of it? Share your personal safety tips with us.

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