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15 Animals Who Were Born to Be Gorgeous

There are some animals that instantly strike anyone with their captivating beauty. And some animals possess such authentic beauty that it makes us wonder how it is possible for such miraculous genetic combinations to be made.

We at Bright Side were left in awe by the beauty of these 20 genetic lottery winners, and we believe that by the end of this article you will be too.

1. “This cat I met today has Sauron’s eyes.”

2. “I love how the sunlight made my cat’s eyes green.”

3. A beautiful Malabar giant squirrel

4. Everyone, meet Austin. The most adorable pupper ever.

5. “My friend’s new pup, Kuma”

6. “People always tell me my cat has the most beautiful eyes.”

7. I love me some leafys.

8. I moved in with my friend recently, right after she got this cute little puppy.

9. We adopted a badly injured baby squirrel. Here’s one of the first photos of him.

10. Meet Thor, the Bengal cat with purrfectly beautiful fur.

11. “For my cake day, I present my friend’s brand new, outstandingly happy puppy.”

12. “My mom’s cat has the most beautiful green eyes. Meet Link.”

13. A cat with a perfectly balanced face

14. Just look at these eyes.

15. Meet Oozy the Aussie!

Which of these animals do you think deserves the title “most beautiful”? Do you have photos of similarly beautiful animals? If yes, share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit butterfly-the-d**k / Reddit
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