15 Animals Whose Fun-tastic Personalities Shine Through in Everything They Do

Some pets are so expressive, they could easily star in their own show. From the incredibly excited face of a puppy that hears the treat bag open to a cat that gags at the sight of mint, animals are a source of never-ending joy. Thankfully, people everywhere capture moments like this and share them online.

Bright Side now presents you with some real characters of the animal world. Buckle up for a fun ride!

1. “He heard the treat bag open.”

2. Guess which is the weird one...

3. “He normally curls up on top of the cat pedestal which is weird already. This one, however, is new.”

4. “My dog thinks I’m a chair sometimes. Oh well.”

5. “Sun’s out, tongue’s out.”

6. “His name is Moose and he won’t stop stealing hair ties.”

7. “Bowser with his favorite ball”

8. “When June gets excited, her ear sometimes flips into a very convincing toupée.”

9. “Cat refuses to play with anything until I get a bit of string out.”

10. “Hi, my name’s Clementine, I’m 6 months old, and I hate the smell of mint.”

11. “When you wake up at 4 AM to strange noises but it’s just your dog climbing into the laundry basket:”

12. “My dog stares at me like this in anticipation of the bed pat, giving her permission to jump up.”

13. “My dog, Benji, unsure of how to pose for photos”

14. “My pup chewed a hole in the blanket to pop her face out.”

15. “I bought this vase specifically for her yesterday and she approves.”

What’s the most hysterical thing you’ve seen a pet do? What’s your spirit animal? Now you have the chance to make our day by leaving your best stories and pics in the comments!

Preview photo credit Karmakaziiiii / Reddit
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