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15 Cats Who Can Keep You Smiling for the Entire Day

Every day, we have thousands of reasons to smile but those who have pets have double or even triple times more. This is all because these fluffy hooligans, also known as pets, captivate us with their mischievous ways, funny poses, and suspicious looks. From a cat in the fridge to a suitcase full of felines, the characters of our compilation know how to make your day better.

We at Bright Side look through animal photos every day and perhaps that’s one of the ways we manage to keep our mood positive all the time. In this article, you’ll find 18 more reasons to smile today.

“A very good morning to everyone!”

“So, I’m not the only one with cat hair in their fridge, right? Right?!”

Caturday nap

“Every time I straighten them, Stevie jumps up and ’fixes’ them.”

Packing the essentials

“Today, Jerry learned that if he unplugs the box fan from the wall at night, the humans wake up. Here he is, proud of himself at 6:35 AM on my day off.”

“I have to pet him before I can go to the toilet. Every. Single. Time.”

“This guy looking annoyed that I woke him”

“What my cat thinks about me being home this week...”

“Lint-rolled my coat for half an hour and set it on the sofa for a minute. This lovely guy casually walked in and sat on it.”

“I can’t go back to work without the cat’s permission.”

“She won’t give back his bed.”

“My cat sitting on the cat jigsaw puzzle, knocking the pieces on the floor...”

“Trying to take a selfie with my cats”

“My neighbor sent me this picture of OUR cat at their house. My family and I are very hurt. I already had my suspicions but this...”

How did your pet make you smile today? Please show us their pics in the comments!

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