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15+ Charismatic Animals Whose Coolness Can Knock You Off Your Feet

No matter how badly we sometimes want to find out what’s happening in the heads of our pets, we will not likely ever know this for sure. They are all so different with their own unique personalities. Some of them are lazybones, others like attention, and then there are the ones who are smart and witty. There are also those who can rescue their fellow canines, and even humans. But there is one thing that unites them all — a strong charisma that even Cleopatra herself would never have dreamt about.

We at Bright Side got captivated by the charm that animals always radiate. And the characters of our compilation are ready to strike you right in the heart with their allure.

“This pregnant stray cat with 24 toes has decided that I am her hooman now.”

“When she finally stops walking on my keyboard, chewing my pens, and crashing my Zoom meetings, she lies down and looks at me like this.”

“My unbelievably charismatic 18-year-old boy”

Little bits of cuteness

“My bearded dragon fell from his tree and played it off as if nothing happened.”

This cat has undeniable power over these alpacas.

“My cat is looking straight out of an ’80s music video.”

“This elk kicked us out of our campsite in Yellowstone.”

“My neighbor’s cat is pretty cool.”

“My neighbors found this young kestrel (falcon) and called him Geralt. Birds of prey can be adorable too.”

This many beans gives this kitty additional charm.

What a handsome banana! Wait a minute...

“It’s Pearl’s first birthday today.”

Ladies, dump your guys, a real man is here to pick you up.

“Found this interesting looking cat recently.”

“Excuse me, but did someone say ’pspspspsps!’?”

“He sits like this, so we thought he just needed a remote.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Oscar, the truck repair cat, has your quote ready.”

“I adopted this cat when he was 18, thinking we would have a few months to give him a good retirement. He’s 20 now and he’s still so strong and good-looking.”

Our readers definitely have charismatic pets in their homes. How about you? Please share your pet’s photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit LizagnaG / reddit