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15 Photos That Prove Cats Are the Secret Rulers of This World

While the world can’t decide between cat lovers and dog lovers, the former seem to have conquered it in disguise. Just try to look around and you might see a cat face in the sky or a silhouette of a kitten on a wall across the street. It seems that these furry monsters are everywhere.

Bright Side is pretty sure that after seeing this list you will give up on any thoughts that it might all be just a coincidence.

1. A face in the clouds that looks like a cat

2. The reflection of glass on a brick wall

3. “I found a grumpy cat in my apple.”

4. “I made an iron throne for my nephew, but my cat decided that he is the rightful ruler.”

5. Cat spies have even intruded on candy corn.

6. Is that a coat pretending to be a cat or a cat pretending to be a coat?

7. “My wife’s hot chocolate was visited by a mysterious cat.”

8. The shadows on the ceiling look like cat paws.

9. This banana is cat approved.

10. The inside of this water heater flue looks like cat eyes.

11. “Cat silhouette from window across the street — I think it’s plotting to kill me.”

12. Kneel before your king, tiny human!

13. “The way my lotion squirted out looks like a cat.”

14. The way this flatbread broke apart resembles a cat silhouette.

15. “My cat is a micromanaging boss to me while doing house projects.”

What signs of our furry friends running the world have you noticed yourselves?

Preview photo credit 32082 / reddit