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15+ Wild Animals People Found a Place for in Their Homes and Hearts

Cats, dogs, birds, and fish now have some competition, like exotic animals, that are quickly becoming common household pets. As it turns out, foxes, possums, kangaroos, and even giant lizards not only win over people’s hearts, but also live as domestic animals and communicate with other pets peacefully.

We at Bright Side have to remind you that keeping a wild animal in your apartment can be dangerous. But just take a look at these 16 animals that are so charming and kind, we just can’t help but share their photos with you.

“I work at a bird banding station and we use ’burritos’ to weigh the owls we catch.”

The neighborhood is safe on his watch.

Domestication went well...

This cheetah demands cuddles from their caretaker.

This fox found a cozy spot!

An extravagant pet

This little boy got domesticated.

This hedgehog just loves long walks!

Best buds — just look at these cuties.

“This is my adorable baby squirrel.”

A raccoon eating peanut butter

“And yes, I do know how to train a dragon.”

“I have an actual possum!”

“How cute is she?”

“Once, we found an injured kangaroo. We kept him and we couldn’t stop collecting them. We have 17 of them now!”

A little fox

Have you ever wanted to adopt an unusual animal? If yes, what kind?