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16 Reddit Users Who Met Little Cutie Pies in the Wild and Fell in Love With Them

Many of us have cats, dogs, parrots, and other pets at home, but it’s a pretty rare occasion to meet a wild animal. Some of these intruders are so charming and sweet that we instantly fall in love. A rare bird, a little rabbit, a deer, or even a moose — who knows who you might meet during your next walk. So, be attentive and don’t miss that precious vis-à-vis.

Here at Bright Side, we adore all animals, both pets and those from the wild, and we were happy to see these 16 candid pics of unexpected animal encounters while looking through Reddit threads.

1. “This owl flew into the window and then had a stare down with my cat.”

2. “Met this little friend in the fields.”

3. “This bird posed for me on the top floor of a mall.”

4. “A little guy I met in the rain while camping”

5. “I met this little guy in the backyard yesterday.”

6. Just imagine a sweet sloth baby giving you a hug.

7. “A mother and baby deer outside my window”

8. “A baby wallaby I met at a sanctuary perched his head right on my fingertips.”

9. “I went into my backyard to let my dogs out and this little guy landed on my shoulder.”

10. “A cute red panda dude that I met today”

11. “The possum that visits our deck every evening brought along somebody special last night!”

12. “I met a little chipmunk who is the champion of his sunflower seed goals.”

13. “My dad might be a Disney prince. He constantly runs into moose when out walking. Here is his latest new friend.”

14. “I met a seal in Denmark.”

15. “Here’s someone I met in Poland while hiking one year ago.”

16. “A king parrot that landed on my arm today”

Have you ever seen a wild animal? How did it happen? Share your stories and the pictures of your happy encounters with wildlife in the comments!

Preview photo credit APrettyOkayGuy / Reddit