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16 Situations That Every Pet Owner Might Understand

Every pet owner and their fluffy friend have their own rules and habits. But that doesn’t really mean anything in awkward situations that are familiar to almost every cat or dog person. Weird presents, ruined curtains, meaningless conversations, and an inability to work without being disturbed are on the list of things that most pet owners have to deal with.

We at Bright Side are sure that without these cute quirks that both pets and their owners have, our life with animals would be way more boring.

“This is Franco. He stole my girlfriend’s heart, but I can’t really be mad at him.”

The first rule for any pet owner:

“My husband has been at home for a whole 3 days, and now, my dog acts like I don’t exist. What a traitor!”

“We have a difficult situation here. We found a stick on the street and refuse to go home without it.”

These questions are the perfect ground for a thesis:

The differences between cats and dogs, shown in a simple experiment:

“Can someone tell my dog that he’s not my boyfriend? Every time I get dressed and it’s time to leave, he tries to block the door like this:”

“I always close my bedroom door at night to keep my cat out of the room. Once, I didn’t notice that I didn’t close it completely. I woke up during the night because of some scary sounds, switched on my phone’s flashlight, and saw THIS:”

“Something is wrong with my bed.”

“I was going through old photos and found this gem.”

Animals have their own preferences:

“She panics when she can’t find her toy to give us as a present. Today, she found this. We aren’t even sure where it came from.”

“Did she just bring me a grape?”

“My husband bought our cat his own couch, and he just sits there and judges everyone now.”

“My husband sent me this, saying that our cat refuses to move, so his ear is now an ‘enter’ key.”

“Fact of the day: Cats are insanely clever and have truly unique camouflage skills.”

What crazy situations has your pet gotten themselves into?

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