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20 Animals That Show Nature Is the Wisest Girl in Town

Nature can be quite spoiled, and we witness this every day in all corners of the world. Just like each person is unrepeatable, animals are also unique. Each has its own singularities, which can turn them into fantastic and extraordinary beings.

Bright Side brings you a list of some of the most astounding animals you can find in nature. Although we are used to seeing particular creatures daily, the ones you’re about to see escape the ordinary, so open your eyes and have a good look at them.

1. “There’s a 1 in 20,000 chance of an albino doe giving birth to an albino fawn.”

2. “A Thorny Devil, a type of lizard native to Australia. They eat insects and defend themselves with their spines.”

3. “Melanistic leopard in Tadoba National Park, India”

4. “Turquoise cotinga bird”

5. “This tiny perfectly-shedding lizard looks like he’s wearing a tiny lizard space suit.”

6. “Just some black bears eating some apples in the woods...”

7. “The Picasso bug, native to Africa, looks like a lollipop.”

8. “Newly hatched snapping turtle”

9. “Spiny flower mantis”

10. “A cat with both heterochromia and extra toes”

11. “Trees covered with lady bugs”

12. “The Vietnamese mossy frog’s camouflage is strong.”

13. “It’s just gorgeous, in my opinion.”

14. “A rare Irrawaddy dolphin...These dolphins have a bulging forehead, short beak, and 12-19 teeth on each side of both jaws”

15. “Majestic mixed fox”

16. “My wife found this tiny skink in our garden, it brought some much-needed brightness on a grey, foggy day.”

17. “Dragon”

18. “A barn owl displaying its feathers”

19. “Had you ever seen a baby capybara?”

20. “Arctic wolf cub and its parents”

Have you seen any animal species that truly impressed you? Share the pictures of the animals that made you go, “wow.”

Preview photo credit keenfeed / Reddit
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