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20 Animals Whose Bond is as Strong as Pooh and Piglet

Just like humans, animals are capable of making enduring friends too. Some cats find their soulmates in dogs, some dogs find that guinea pigs and turtles are their perfect companions. They play, eat, and sleep together, just like Pooh and Piglet would.

To spread the power of cuteness, pet owners are sharing photos of their furry friends and their BFFs. Bright Side has chosen the best of them for our readers.

1. To mess with the kitty, you gotta deal with her large pupper friend.

2. And there are some BFFs with reversed roles too.

3. When you and your best friend have different personalities:

4. “My cat Maui told my dog Buster a funny joke.”

5. Animals with the same kind of floof stick together.

6. Real friendships are beyond size.

7. My cats like to sit and judge my dog together.

8. When they are apart, they are still together.

9. “My cat gets protective whenever it’s time to put our dog in their room to sleep.”

10. My dog Lady and her best pal Dino the turtle during their playtime

11. Babysat my friend’s 2-week-old lambs, they’re always together.

12. Can’t tell who loves who more.

13. When the whole gang gets together:

14. My friend’s guinea pig and dog eating watermelon together

15. They were born the same week and have been best friends ever since.

16. “2 of our new bucklings are inseparable!”

17. “Got my dog an emotional support kitten, this was their first week together.”

18. “When we got them, the shelter said they HAD to be adopted together. They demonstrate why on a daily basis.”

19. “Jager made a new friend while he was in the garden.”

20. “My Terrier always sits on my Golden Lab.”

Does your pet have a best friend? Share their cutest shots with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit DelayedACK / Reddit