20+ Cats That Made Us Wonder If Nature Used Photoshop to Create Them

There’s no such thing as an ugly cat. Well, at least cat lovers are sure about that. And since they constitute about half of the world’s population, we can’t argue with them. But even they sometimes have to admit that some cats shine brighter than the others. And it’s all because of their unique appearance.

Bright Side couldn’t miss these 20 feline friends whose unique marks and fur patterns were created by nature and had no help from Photoshop.

1. A Valentine’s day kitty

2. These ocean eyes

3. A cat with another cat on their face

4. The cutest vampire alive

5. A cat with a chessboard on its face

6. When the cat factory ran out of ink:

7. He looks like Groucho.

8. “My parents’ cat has a half and half face. The color of her gums is also half and half.”

9. A charming cat with heterochromia

10. “You can hear him running from another galaxy.”

11. Little devil

12. "This cat I met today has Sauron’s eyes.

13. “Everyone who sees my cat falls in love with him. I think you will too.”

14. “My mom’s cat looks like she’s wearing a fancy sweater.”

15. When all your siblings look like normal bats and you’re the black, or white, sheep:

16. “He looks like a lion and a cat at the same time.”

17. A chimera cat with the eyes that are different colors

18. This cat looks like an old kung fu master.

19. “I call this cat breed “Adam Driver.”

20. You can call me Holmes. Sherlock Holmes.

21. A lynx in a housecat’s body

22. This velvet cat looks like a grumpy toy.

What does your cat look like? Does it have any unique features?

Preview photo credit saintleelyon / Reddit
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