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20 Clingy Pets Who Couldn’t Spend a Second Without Their Loved Ones

Humans can become very clingy with their loved ones, even suffocating at times, and pets seem to have that same ability. However, no one will ever actually complain about their dog or cat being too lovey-dovey like they would if their partner kept calling them every 5 minutes.

Bright Side dug up 20 pets that probably wouldn’t let go of their favorite friends, humans, or stuffed toys if their life depended on it.

1. “Well, this is new and slightly uncomfortable.”

2. “She loves cuddling with her friend.”

3. “Luckily our clinic cat has been a little needy after his dental surgery.”

4. “Bandit latches on to his sister, Mika.”

5. “She always climbs up behind people on chairs and hugs them.”

6. “Sleeping with his best friend”

7. “According to Lily, I make a good pillow.”

8. “This is how Arthur lets me know it’s time for bed.”

9. “Excuse me, missy. I think I need my arm back.”

10. “My cat sits here every time I use my laptop.”

11. “Less study, more pets please!”

12. This is how lifelong friendships begin.

13. Our fuzzy friends need another fuzzy friend too.

14. Working from home must be really hard.

15. “Does anyone else’s Australian cattle dog always have to have a stuffed animal with them?”

16. “I hate when someone is looking over my shoulder at my screen.”

17. “Forbidden love, for this is not my dog...”

18. “My dad kept griping, ’I don’t want a dog!’ Yet this is how I find them napping...”

19. “My dog hugging his dog”

20. “Adopted sister loves her older brothers!”

Does your pet become clingy or extra needy at times? Or do they require being hugged by someone or something at all times? Please share your stories with us.

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