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20 Animals That Can Easily Boost Your Mood If You Have a Hard Day

Animals are like kids and even if their behavior is spoiled, you can’t stop smiling with tenderness. There are always here for us when we feel bad, frustrated, or happy. No matter what day it is, animals stay our best friends.

We at Bright Side are thankful for our animals who brighten up each day, and so we are sharing 20 pictures that can swing your mood up.

1. Branch manager and his assistant

2. “I found this on my way home.”

3. “He greets her like this every morning when she wakes.”

4. One banana got ripe earlier than the others.

5. “My dog came from the door like this.”

6. “I have this cat sitting every day, at 7am, on a weird car, staring at me. This happens without fail, and has been for over a year.”

7. “A very good girl, in training to be a special gardener.”

8. “A friend found a baby racoon in their garage, they’re in contact with the local wildlife rehabilitation centre. Just a cutie!”

9. “These derps got stuck in a storm drain. I don’t think they’re worried.”

10. “My new cat likes to lay and watch the fire before he goes to sleep.”

11. “Our animals waiting for my wife to come inside after they hear the garage door open.”

12. “I was leaving for work when he turned to look at me like this.”

13. “Growing up with your best friend, the brick.”

14. “The kittens found the baby again.”

15. “One of our newborn kittens has a funny way of stretching.”

16. “My aunt and uncle came home to a surprise visitor! Mr. Confident was vegging out on the couch.”

17. “On the train, I saw this friendly face.”

18. “My friend petted a neighbourhood cat, now he drops by every day.”

19. “My cat when he thinks there’s no one home.”

20. “My dog ran away, after hours of looking I came home to this.”

Which animal do you love the most? Would you like to have several pets?

Preview photo credit Cowdimples31/reddit
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