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21 Baby Animals That Will Give You Instant Heart Eyes

Not many things can help you if you're having a gloomy day. However, baby animals can instantly bring joy to your heart. Little kittens, puppies, hamsters, and even baby sloths... All animals are absolutely adorable when they're little. And to us, they are the perfect therapy for a bad mood!

Bright Side is willing to bet that these 21 tiny bundles of joy will put the biggest smile on your face.

1. This bunny wants you to rub its belly.

2. "The cutest snoot in the world" award goes to...

3. Full belly and a milk moustache mean a happy pup.

4. These 2 are like best friends in kindergarten.

5. When something intense happens on your favorite TV show:

6. His adorable little furry feet are to die for.

7. This baby lamb demands your love and affection.

8. Baby squirrels can melt hearts.

9. She is sad because she thinks she isn't cute. Tell her she's wrong!

10. He might be a baby, but he still looks strong.

11. They seem to be enjoying their new bed.

12. Baby Pangolin wants to ask you something important.

13. Who said skunks can't be adorable?

14. Baby pits could melt ice with their smiles.

15. How you look after you break your mom's vase:

16. 10/10 would boop its nose.

17. Otters are a friendlier version of cats.

18. One kitten not enough? How about 11?

19. Ducklings deserve all the head rubs in the world.

20. A baby hippo is taking its first bath.

21. A cuter version of Bagheera

We really want to know if you have any baby pictures of your pets! If so, share them with us and let's all be joyful together!

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit