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22 Sneaky Animals Waiting for the Perfect Moment to Ambush Their Owners

All pets can act naughty sometimes, but they never cease to be a wealth of positivity. Some owners never know what to expect, whether it’s where their 4-legged friends are hiding or what exactly is going through their heads. It doesn’t matter if a cat is hiding in a transparent box or if a sneaky dog can’t recognize its reflection in the mirror — these pets are doing their best to surprise their owners. And while some “attacks” are more successful than others, they’re all equally as hilarious.

We at Bright Side envy these 22 people whose pets are like little kids — so naive and so funny.

1. It was almost a successful try.

2. “The attack cat awaiting his next victim”

3. “Munchkin was trying to sneak attack me!”

4. “Waiting to attack any time I touch the keyboard — ouch!”

5. These almond cookies are very aggressive.

6. Those “attack eyes”

7. A sneaky bush

8. These tissues are looking suspicious...

9. Good boys like hiding too!

10. Sneaking from behind

11. “Sam trying to conceal his approach to our new aquarium”

12. “A good girl’s hiding spot”

13. “Don’t tell this dog we can see her.”

14. Hiding kitty

15. “He thinks I can’t see him.”

16. “Baxter is really good at hiding.”

17. Spot the sneaky cat...

18. “My cat literally thinks I can’t see him and jumps at me when I walk by.”

19. There was an attempt.

20. Where did the cat go?

21. The chair isn’t broken.

22. “Why do I feel like someone is staring at me?”

Do you have any photos of your pets hiding? We’d love to see them!

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