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25 Pictures of German Shepherd Dogs That Prove They’re a Very Friendly Breed

The German Shepherd is known for being dominant and for being used often as police dogs or watchdogs. Sometimes this can be understood as “dangerous,” but nothing could be further from the truth since, in general, dogs adopt whatever they’re taught. The German Shepherd is no exception, and we’ll show you how it can contain a huge dose of tenderness.

Bright Side brings you images shared by owners of these German Shepherds, and there’s no doubt that they can be super sweet and fun dogs.

1. “And now I can’t move for an hour...”

2. “Rescued this good boy just over a week ago. My first GSD, Royal!”

3. “Yoda is visiting the vet for the first time. He wanted to check his charts.”

4. “Just boop it.”

5. “I’m not saying you should get 2; but you should get 2.”

6. “’Get a German Shepherd’ they said, ’They’re really intelligent!’”

7. “My wife was taking a shower...”

8. “My baby girl met her brother again after 3 weeks!🐾💕”

9. “My little baby, 1 year ago — I wish I found this sooner.”

10. “Watching the kids get on the bus”

11. “3 years ago was Mr. T’s first walk into the big, big world. He has grown so much but is still always smiling. 😃”

12. “Cuteness overload! They were inseparable after 3 weeks.”

13. “Your daily dose of cute, featuring doggo and catto”

14. “Sophie’s ’I’m too cute to be in trouble’ face”

15. “Is this the universal GSD ’look at how cute I am’ pose?”

16. “Kova, my 9-week-old GSD, is too cute for words. I even forgive her for digging her needle teeth into my feet at 6 a.m. every morning!”

17. “Ran out of gas, so she hitched a ride to the truck.”

18. “A compilation of me trying to work from home”

19. “My little pupper! He’s cute for 30 minutes. The other 23.5 hours he’s a land shark!”

20. “The only hand-holding going on in my world these days — super grateful for this guy.”

21. “Yesterday, I was paired with this 100-pound, 11-month-old baby through a non-profit that pairs GSDs with veterans, soldiers, and EMS workers, and he’s already completely taken over my heart.”

22. “Begging for those belly rubs with all the cuteness!”

23. “I can’t take this cuteness!!”

24. “A 2 a.m. bath because someone thought it was a good idea to play in mud puddles before bedtime.”

25. “I couldn’t get a more perfect picture of their shared bond if I tried!”

What other dog breeds do you know of that have the wrong reputation? What do you think it’s based on?

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