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10+ Times When You Could See How Drastically Our World Is Changing

Our world is a vast place that is in a constant state of change, and we are surrounded by innovations of every kind. Whether it’s technological advances, modern fashion choices, or changes caused by nature, the world will never stop surprising us for better or for worse.

1. The Trakai Castle ruins were restored and finished in 1961.

2. The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and the Saint Eulalia facade before and after its reformation was completed in 1913

3. The Aculeo Lake in Chile disappeared due to a drought.

4. “My son (age 8) comes running out of his room saying, ’Daddy, we have an OLD DVD player in our room’ and hands me this.”

5. The level of water loss in the Aral Sea

6. The Loon Church before and after an earthquake — the Church was recently rebuilt.

7. Changes in fashion amongst female tennis players

8. How life used to be in one of the temples at Chichén Itzá vs How it looks now

East News, Alex Milan Tracy / Sipa USA / East News

9. How microphones have evolved

10. Differences in outfits between countesses — Marcia, Countess of Yarborough, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Mary Evans Picture Library / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News, 0000276 / Reporter / East News

11. Lake Powell losing water, standing at its lowest level

Which picture surprised you the most? Do you think we as humans are able to leave our world better than how we found it? Tell us about it in the comments, we’d love to read your thoughts.

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