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11 People That Tried to Hit on Someone Romantically but Failed

Most of us have unusual romantic stories. Of course, everyone has heard those cheesy pick-up lines and they’re hardly surprising. But there are still some people who are quite inventive when it comes to the art of pick-up.

We at Bright Side really hope you have something to add to these Internet users’ stories!

  • Guy on the street: Hey, can we talk?
    Me, thinking, “Oh no!” and roll up my pant leg to show him my hairy leg hoping to scare him away.
    Guy: ...
    Me: I’m trying to scare you.
    Guy, showing his hairy leg: This can’t scare me. © _tomato_hater / Twitter
  • I remember a guy texted me online and wanted to chat. I agreed and here is how our conversation went:
    Him: I need a serious girl who knows what she wants.
    Me: I want to eat. I know this for sure and I’m serious.
    He never texted me again. Why not? I know what I want. © ol_fa_sol / Twitter
  • My friend was in the underground and she liked a guy she saw there. She used AirDrop and found his Instagram page. It turned out that he was a piercing artist. Now she’s thinking of getting a piercing and hitting on him. © Derbershto / Twitter
  • This is the funniest pick-up line that was used on me. I was at KFC making my order.
    Cashier: Do you have a bonus card?
    Me: No.
    Cashier: Do you have a boyfriend?
    Me: Yes.
    Cashier: Let’s switch.
    I was shocked. He was shocked by what he said and to get out of the situation, he got me the card. © SongOfaWhale / Twitter
  • Some guy tried to talk to me. And I just told him my ex step-dad’s number I still hate. Then I said I was in a rush and walked away. © _tomato_hater / Twitter
  • What do you know about awkward situations? A guy on the metro came up to me and said, “You looked at me for so long and I expected you to act but you are probably very shy. I decided to act first.” And I wasn’t looking at him, I was just minding my own business. © olya_dd / Twitter
  • I was walking and I saw a cute girl with a camera. I came up to her and said:
    — Excuse me, do you take pictures of events?
    — I do, why?
    — Come and photograph our first date. © jewwantsmoney / Twitter
  • People hit on me very rarely but I think what happened today was special.
    Guy: Beautiful...
    Me: What is?
    Guy: Your silence. You wanna go for a walk? © rijsamurai / Twitter

Has anyone ever tried to hit on you but failed? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit _tomato_hater / Twitter
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