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15 Adorable Pics That Can Soften Even the Roughest of Hearts

It’s easy to get caught in the ups and downs of life. However, this world has plenty of beautiful things to make us smile and bring us joy if only we were not too busy to take notice of them. For that, we decided to put together a list of random pictures filled with feel-good emotions to soothe your soul and give a much-needed spark of happiness to your heart.

1. “I found this little frog in my apartment. He was dehydrated. After a few fruit flies and some soaking time, he was ok, and I set him free outside.”

2. “He seemed like he wanted something to cuddle so we provided.”

3. “I never thought it would happen for me, when they asked how many pictures I wanted, I just said ’all of them!’”

4. “Our rescue kitten, Panther, has discovered his first Christmas tree!”

5. “My baby enjoyed the bath.”

6. “Piggyback cuddles”

7. “Our son”

8. “The 2 of them seem to be in love.”

9. “If you don’t feed him immediately, he bribes you with toys.”

10. “I know this is really late but my son was the Pillsbury Doughboy for Halloween and the pictures make me smile.”

11. “That time my son decided to sticker up his sister”

12. “My daughter waiting for her first batch of cupcakes!”

13. “My friend’s older daughter (6) dressed her younger daughter (1) for the winter, and she’s just so proud of her outfit.”

14. “Cuddles with my nice on a wonderful Friday evening!”

15. “My little one helping out cooking.”

Let us know what made you smile recently in the comments below.

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