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15 Details You Never Imagined Finding in Bathrooms

If you want to buy the world’s most expensive toilet, you must let go of $19 million — oh, and also fly into space because it’s located in the international space station. However, as it turns out, you don’t have to leave the planet for an “out-of-this-world” moment regarding a bathroom surprise.

Today, we at Bright Side want to present you with 15 cases of people that got absolutely stunned by the level of design creativity or just the sheer amount of random circumstances after an “ordinary” visit to the bathroom.

1. “The hotel I’m staying at has a hatchet above the toilet.”

2. “The ceiling in my parents’ bathroom has a maze.”

3. “The bathroom I’m using has toilet paper holders with built-in radios in each stall.”

4. “My airplane bathroom had a window in it.”

5. “This brass instrument sink in my step-uncle’s bathroom”

6. “My house used to be a police station and my bathroom is an old jail cell, the original window is still in place.”

7. “At my Airbnb, there’s a mushroom growing out of the bathroom door!”

8. “My sister’s toilet with a built-in hand basin — it uses the waste water to fill the cistern for the next flush.”

9. “The janitor’s area in this bathroom is behind a hidden wall.”

10. “The bathroom in our science building has the periodic table in tiles.”

11. “In the bathroom of my physics building, there’s a spot where a hinge was removed, and it looks just like a lab.”

12. “The Airbnb that I’m staying in has a collection of rubber ducks on the bathroom wall.”

13. “This ’shadow of a man’ in my bathroom, made by a tissue”

14. “Emergency alarm chords running along the floor of the disabled bathroom in the Berlin Airport in case someone falls over and requires assistance”

15. “This huge bathroom for just one toilet...”

Have you ever had an “oh, wow!” moment about a peculiar detail in a public bathroom? We are eager to hear the story!

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