15+ People Who Proved That Thrift Hunting for Accessories Is a Separate Kind of Art

If you think you can find gold and diamond pendants and pearl necklaces only in a jewelry store, you probably haven’t dropped by thrift shops for a while. The heroes of our article found a bunch of real treasures in piles of old things and proved you don’t have to own a fortune to wear fancy accessories.

Here at Bright Side, we think we could call these 17 people real gold diggers because their thrift trophies include gold, pearls, gems, and even diamonds! Some of these jewels and accessories cost less than $5 which makes this list look even more jaw-dropping.

1. “I followed my gut on this stunning, unmarked lapis pendant. Jeweler confirmed 18k gold and diamond. I paid $20.”

2. “Today I found this stunning Art Deco celluloid comb from around the 1920s. Wow!”

3. “$2.99 for this Whiting & Davis Art Deco mesh bag from the 1920s. I’m still in shock.”

4. “I found this unmarked 18k gold bracelet for $5.”

5. “Gorgeous opal and pink sapphire set in the sterling silver ring I found at the flea market for $20! Before and after restoration.”

6. “I found this 18k gold snake link necklace for $5.”

7. “Beautiful vintage necklace with 2 metal-ceramic bracelets, $5 total at a garage sale.”

8. “Vintage Whiting & Davis mesh bag from the 70s”

9. “Drop pearl necklace from Vendome and braided pearl chain from Avon. Scored both for $4.”

10. “I found 2 14k gold and 3 sterling silver rings in this $2.00 bag at an estate sale today! Lucky days happen!”

11. “2.5 inch long sterling silver ring I picked up today for $20 at an antique shop”

12. “I went into the thrift store looking for a scarf and found this beautiful pendant instead.”

13. “Early morning flea market find. Well worth $60 for something I’m gonna wear.”

14. “Turquoise and unmarked silver necklace, for less than $2”

15. “I found these super cute 10k gold hoops that I am in love with.”

16. “10k gold ring I found at the flea market today for $20... Real diamonds and a great vintage, almost antique, setting.”

17. “I found this exquisite beaded clutch bag for $10, in perfect condition. I was happy to make that wish come true!”

Do you like thrift shopping? What is your most precious find so far?

Preview photo credit SqueezeBunny/Reddit
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