15 Photos That May Make You Blink a Few Times Before You Understand Them

Walking into a mirror thinking it’s just the exit or assuming that your cat has gigantic claws shows that our eyes can easily betray us. This means that sometimes we need to look at things from different angles in order to understand what is actually happening.

To take photos from confusing angles is even more difficult, and we at Bright Side were fortunate enough to find pics that people shared.

1. Read before you react...

The note says: “Please don’t worry... I’m not stuck. This is my favorite daytime spot to hang out.”

2. “This is not a mirror.”

3. That’s one huge microphone!

4. “This pumpkin making its way through a fence”

5. “The stair slide: the fastest way to get downstairs!”

6. “Hold on, little man, it might be a bumpy ride!”

7. “A snake left its skin behind in my yard.”

8. “The way this mushroom grew around a tree branch”

9. “Maybe I should go that way...”

10. “A floating back tire”

11. “One of these is a doorway and one is a full-length mirror. Guess which one I walked into.”

12. Levitating Nike boots

13. “I had to look at this pic more than 2 times...”

14. When the depth perception makes your dog larger...

15. “It freaked me out at first, but then I saw that the kitten is sitting between the dog’s paws.”

Have you ever stumbled upon a situation that made you look twice before you understood it? Do you have a pic you can share with us? Which one did you see as most confusing from this collection?

Preview photo credit theforceiswith / Imgur
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