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15+ Photos That Prove a Beard Changes Everything

Even some short stubble can change a man’s face — it makes them look more masculine and their cheekbones more prominent. And a beard can make a man look like a completely different person. To make sure we’re telling the truth, read this article.

And in the bonus section, you’ll find a guy who approached the matter very seriously and first checked how he would look with a beard with the help of Photoshop before growing it.

“What have I done?! Maybe I should grow it back or try a different style.”

“You look like a dwarven smith forging mighty weapons.”

“I finally hit 50 pounds down and decided to try a beard out for the first time.”

“I was growing this beard for 3 months.”

“Am I better looking with or without a beard?”

“How my beard is growing”

“My beard evolution: 2019, 2020, 2022”

“To anyone thinking, ’Shave it all,’ don’t do it!”

“2 years ago, I decided to let it all just grow out.”

“It’s 1 month between the photos. And the first photo was taken about 2-3 weeks after I shaved clean.”

“One year of beard growth!”

“8 years ago, I started growing my beard.”

“Stubble or clean-shaven?”

“My 6-month beard growing journey”

“November will be the fourth birthday of my beard. I’m pretty proud of my face mane.”

“It’s the first time in almost a decade that I’m clean-shaven.”

“Baby face to lumberjack”

Bonus: “I aged my face in Photoshop and realized that without a beard, I looked like a sad grandma. And with a beard, I look like a vigorous old guy. So I decided to grow one.”

Do you think men look better with a beard or without one?

Preview photo credit Winged_Wheel / Reddit
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