15 Pics That Made Us Question Reality

There are times when life gives us better pictures than Photoshop ever could. It’s so rare that we run into these bizarre glitches that we must take a closer look in order to understand what’s actually going on.

While scouting the internet, Bright Side found several examples of this and has put together a compilation for our readers.

1. “My long thumb.”

2. “Floating table my dad built.”

3. “Interesting how, when these trees fell, they pulled up the grass like a big unbroken sheet.”

4. “Out by the lake today I caught a glimpse of an iridescent cloud.”

5. “This car protection film now looks like a densely populated city map.”

6. “This set of clouds”

7. “Took a picture of my cousin at their wedding and it caught the groom’s nose.”

8. “22 lb cabbage that my neighbor grew!”

9. “Apparently it just didn’t snow on this one specific brick on my walkway.”

10. “We found a Pill Bug that looks like an actual pill capsule.”

11. “My brownie has teeth.”

12. “Looks like something from Star Wars.”

13. “The lighting on this door”

14. “The sky or the water?”

15. “The ink from my date stamp at work exploded on my shirt and the material formed the droplets into little stars.”

Which picture confused you the most? Have you taken any photos that could be featured in this article?

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Preview photo credit Cranberryvacuum / Reddit
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