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15 Pictures That Allow Us to View Beyond What Is Normally Seen

A first glance at a photo doesn’t always reveal all its secrets, like a frying pan that’s actually just a mug full of tea, or snow in mountains that turns out to be white buildings. This phenomenon happens due to variables like angles and lighting, for example, and it creates amusing challenges.

Bright Side is now testing your observation skills with some real-life optical illusions.

1. “These cats aren’t connected.”

2. “Picture? What picture?”

3. “My big red pupil looks like a planet.”

4. “Our security camera and our hanging lights make our customers look like they’re wearing wizard hats.”

5. “Giant electrical outlets dangling before the camera”

  • “The ‘Plug into the Future’ machine has a big fake outlet in front of it. It’s standing on 2 blue posts on the left and right. Check the bottom right of the outlet and follow the blue line down to get a better grasp of the base.” — MikeOShay / Reddit

6. “Took a picture that looks like both the front of my neck and the back of my head.”

7. “The cellphone antennas on top of this building resemble a distant city skyline.”

8. “I was testing out my phone’s camera when I noticed the apartments in this building seem to be floating in the air.”

9. “A mug full of tea that looks like a frying pan

10. “My face in the snow appears like it’s popping out.”

11. “The bottom of a door or a skyline from the water?”

12. “Hold on little man, it might be a bumpy ride!”

13. “All I wanted was a picture of my daughter watching TV without my weird arm in the way.”

14. “A kitten napping in a toy truck”

15. “The snow on these mountains is actually buildings.”

Have you ever captured an optical illusion in a photo? Do you enjoy solving visual riddles? We’re eager to hear from you in the comments!

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