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15 Times Laziness Wasn’t the Engine of the Process but Made Us Laugh

On average, less physically active people are observed to be more intelligent than physically active people. Yep, that’s a scientific fact, but please don’t quote us the next time your mother asks you to tidy your room. Laziness may be associated with higher intelligence and indeed propels the discovery of creative solutions, but sometimes it’s a downright excuse to do a sloppy job.

Today at Bright Side, we want to show you 15 people that did their job so hilariously bad because of their laziness that we want to laugh for 10 minutes straight.

1. “Spotted in Target — next level fashion.”

2. “I painted the fence, boss.”

3. “Good enough...”

4. “Done adding the security tag.”

5. “Did the painting job on the sidewalk!”

6. The author really has a way with words.

7. “Clockception time, guys”

8. “Landlord painted over a penny.”

9. “Package has been delivered safely.”

10. “Rails are installed. What do you think?”

11. “The lazy guy at work”

12. People at this university surely know what they’re doing.

13. “Welded the frame, boss.”

14. “Instead of cleaning the air vent, my local petrol station just hung an air freshener from it.”

15. “True art cannot be contained.”

Have you ever encountered this level of laziness in your own life? Tell us in a comment.

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