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15 Times People Were Hyped to Get Their Orders, but Ended Up Terribly Disappointed

Nobody is safe from little troubles, even though sometimes we feel like these are the worst mistakes we’ve ever made. The people from this article know from their own experience that they should always be on the lookout and that danger may be lurking around every corner. Especially when it comes to online orders.

Bright Side is convinced that reality is always worse than our expectations, so there is really no point in getting sad over something like this. We should just try and look at this situation from a different angle.

“My colleague bought a Harley and wanted some boots. He was impressed with the $39 price tag online. Not so much when they arrived.”

“It said it came with 10 large stones.”

“They’d better give me a refund.”

“I’ve brushed its fur for 10 minutes.”

“Expectation vs Reality, after a 6-month back order from West Elm”

“Children’s party entertainer (Alice in Wonderland)”

“I just won this clock.”

“Wow. The wall will look nice.”

This photo was more accurate than I’d realized.

It’s... not even a cardigan.

“Not pictured, the 3 other tables next to us and drunk people walking by us to get to the beach. It was also in the back of a burger shack.”

“I’ve been tricked by the packaging of my moisturizing cream.”

“It didn’t come with nearly enough thread, but this is possibly entirely my fault.”

Bread for scale

“I decided to give my 14-year-old daughter a surprise — an unusual photo shoot. 2 weeks later we got the pics. And these cost us $200.”

Have you ever been disappointed with a service or a product?

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